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Do you have something you want to sell?

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1, Find something you want to sell or want

2, Email me at matt.m6ceb@gmail.com with your add ( 50 words max and text adds only please you can email your pics to the buyer or seller as you deal with them direct) I will then verify the add to determine that it is Amateur Radio related

3, I place the Add in the for sale or wanted section

You might ask what’s in it for me.... I get content for my website it’s that simple!

You deal directly with the buyer or seller just email me when you have completed a sale and I will remove your add.

I accept no responsibility for any ads placed on this website and take no commission

What have you got to lose?

Email me at matt.m6ceb@gmail.com to place your add!

Please also check out my forum where you can register and post your add in the For sale or wanted sections!


Matt m6ceb