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Ham Radio Deluxe

Ham Radio Deluxe

What is Ham Radio Deluxe?

Ham radio deluxe is a collection of computer programs that you can use to coincide with you ham radio transceiver or receiver, these programs are absolutely free and are a great addition to your shack! Some of the software can be used to track satellites and digital mode program.

Where can I get this awesome software?

Great news this free software is available at http://www.ham-radio-deluxe.com/ there you can find loads of information on how to use and install this great software.

Supported Radios

Here are the radio’s that are supported with ham radio deluxe:


K2, K3


SDR-1000, SDR-5000


IC-7000, IC-703, IC-706, IC-706MkII, IC-706MkIIG, IC-707, IC-718, IC-725, IC-726, IC-728, IC-729, IC-735, IC-736, IC-737, IC-738, IC-7400, IC-746, IC-746Pro, IC-751A, IC-751A (Piexx), IC-756, IC-756Pro, IC-756ProII, IC-756ProIII, IC-761, IC-765, IC-7700, IC-775DSP, IC-7800, IC-781, IC-821H, IC-910H, IC-R10, IC-R20, IC-R7000, IC-R75, IC-R8500, IC-R9000, PCR-1000


R-5000, TS-140S, TS-2000, TS-440S, TS-450S, TS-480, TS-50S, TS-570, TS-60S, TS-680S, TS-690S, TS-790, TS-850, TS-870, TS-940S, TS-950, TS-B2000


Argonaut, Jupiter, OMNI VII (Radio), OMNI VII (Remote), Orion, RX-350


FT-100, FT-1000D, FT-1000MP MkV, FT-600, FT-817, FT-840, FT-847, FT-857, FT-890, FT-897, FT-900, FT-920, FT-990, FT-2000, FT-450, FT-950, FTDX-9000