What is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a hyperlink placed on a website and directing to your website. Visitors then click on the hyperlink and are taken directly to your website or blog. Backlinks help your website\'s search engine rankings (SERPS). Web pages that your purchased backlinks are placed on are of the highest quality – from page rank 2 +. For more information on how web pages are ranked please see the ‘Our Service’ page.

How will it help my website?

Links pointing to your website or blog is THE most important part of search engine optimization (SEO). High Google PageRank sites (PR2+) linking your website will increase your search engine rankings considerably and give you more authority. The links will also increase your Google PageRank and SERPS (search engine results page) dramatically!

What is Dofollow?

A hyperlink (link) can have two tags: nofollow or dofollow. NoFollow tells the search engines to not continue to the website or give it credit for a link. Reversely, DoFollow tags give your website credit for the link. All of the links we obtain are DoFollow and are of the highest QUALITY!

When will I see the results?

Our Online Marketing professionals will complete your order between 10-45 days - we will send you the report with all the links obtained. You will see the backlinks through Yahoo Site Explorer within a week or two and your search engine rankings should increase at that time as well.