Touched by an Angel - The Pact


Aired on Wednesday, Jun 09, 2010 (6/9/2010) at 06:00 PM

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00:00:01If something is bothering you, we could talk about it.
00:00:04We've had bleeding heart counselors like you before.
00:00:08You all think you know what's bothering us, but you don't.
00:00:14See what I mean?
00:00:15Tough crowd.
00:00:17Hostile. negative, too.
00:00:17I thought that being at camp was supposed to be a positive experience.
00:00:23That's exactly right, babies.
00:00:25That's the name of the game around here: positive.
00:00:29Just like all these girls are positive.
00:00:34They're hiv-positive.
00:00:42morning's poetry.
00:00:44Stop it. hello?
00:00:45You spotted a million dollar accounting error that no one elsenoticed.
00:00:49That was pretty sweet.
00:00:50 but you did have eight layers of sweet crunchy back up.
00:00:53What can I say? you're the man.
00:00:56Or -- you know, the little dude.
00:00:58Ha. that's me.
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00:04:12Were just ordinary kids.
00:04:15They are ordinary kids.
00:04:18But they have aids.
00:04:20Well, not all of them.
00:04:21Some of them just have the virus so far.
00:04:24And then some of them, a few of them, have been showing symptoms of aids.
00:04:30And then some of them-- well, the friends they had last year didn't make it back.
00:04:35It's no wonder erin is so angry.
00:04:38They're all angry and frightened and confused.
00:04:42It's hard enough to be a teenager without all this.
00:04:46I had no idea about any of this.
00:04:49I'm sorry.
00:04:49You should be.
00:04:51And here's the thing that you need to know most: It doesn't matter that they're hiv-positive up here.
00:04:58I should think that it matters very much.
00:05:01No. I get it.
00:05:02This is the one place where they can be just like everybody else.
00:05:06Nobody stares at them.
00:05:07Nobody's afraid of them.
00:05:09Shouldn't there be an angel in every room?
00:05:12There will be an angel in and out of the lives of every girl in this camp.
00:05:18But the girls in the aspen room need angelsnow because hope is dying in there.
00:05:22And when you're hopeless, you're capable of doing anything.
00:05:29Come on, rafael.
00:05:30I got work for you to do.
00:05:34 so, some of you will be taking medication twice a day and some three times.
00:05:41But I guess you already knew that, huh?
00:05:44Rafael is working down at the infirmary now, and he wanted you to know that he'll still be available to you for anything at all, even if it's just a cut or a bruise.
00:05:54Monica, have you ever been a camp counselor before?
00:05:57No, but I have worked with a lot of young people.
00:06:00Yeah, but did they ever die?
00:06:04Some did.
00:06:11 I missed you at the pool.
00:06:14Well, I wasn't in the mood to drown today.
00:06:18I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
00:06:21You're too late.
00:06:21I'm already dying, and there's nothing anybody can do about it.
00:06:28Tell me something, erin.
00:06:31What do you think about dying?
00:06:40No one's really come right out and asked me that before.
00:06:45People like to pretend it's not really gonna happen.
00:06:49I'm not like most people.
00:06:51I've been watching you.
00:06:52Do I know you from somewhere?
00:06:57Um, well, I do a lot of work at st. sebastian's hospital.
00:07:05I've been in st. sebastian's.
00:07:06Yeah. I knew I knew you.
00:07:10And now we're here together at camp.
00:07:13Wouldn't that be cool if it's like god's way of telling us something?
00:07:19You know, erin, I don't know what god's plan is, but I do know this: I know that you are a very beautiful young woman with a lot of life to live, and I don't think you should spend so much time worrying about death.
00:07:43There is so much research now.
00:07:43There's so much hope.
00:07:46And look how long you've lived already.
00:07:49Yeah, but even that's really scary now.
00:07:55I knew this one girl, and one day she was painting some dead girl's name on the face, and then two weeks later, her own name was up there.
00:08:06Well, it usually doesn't happen that quickly.
00:08:11But it can.
00:08:16I've never really told anyone before, but-- so tell me.
00:08:23I'm afraid that one night I'll be lying all alone in some hospital somewhere and my mom will have gone home and the nurses will be down the hall drinking their coffee or whatever, and just like that, I'll die.
00:08:48All alone.
00:08:52Erin, when that time comes, you willnotbe alone.
00:09:09Roll call.
00:09:17Amy fields.
00:09:18Tracy burke.
00:09:21Lisa wittenour.
00:09:21Susie miller.
00:09:38Are you crazy?
00:09:40How could you put your name on the face now?
00:09:43Everyone on there is dead, erin.
00:09:46It just totally creeps me out to see your name on it.
00:09:50But I'm not afraid of dying anymore.
00:09:53What are you talking about?
00:09:56You'll find out.
00:10:01 where are you going in such a hurry?
00:10:04I'm meeting abby at the barn.
00:10:07 right after i put some ointment on that.
00:10:10All right?
00:10:14I can't.
00:10:14I bet you can.
00:10:19I wish someone would touch me without those stupid gloves on.
00:10:24 everybody's worried about your health and not about your heart.
00:10:30Es dificil pensar asi.
00:10:31Eso duele.
00:10:34I thought you didn't speak spanish.
00:10:37I guess I remember a little.
00:10:37It's been a long time.
00:10:40My mama, she spoke spanish.
00:10:43Not anymore?
00:10:44She didn't know she was infected, and we were both infected.
00:10:49She died when I was 5, and after that there was no more spanish.
00:10:54You must miss her very much.
00:10:58She used to sing to me.
00:10:59It was a spanish lullaby.
00:11:03There were words in it likenina linda.
00:11:07" I can't remember the song.
00:11:10I can't remember her.
00:11:15I just remember feeling safe.
00:11:19I know some spanish songs.
00:11:27How about this?
00:11:28Was it a "c"?
00:11:30Out a "d"?
00:11:38♪♪ (Strumming guitar) ♪♪
00:11:43I don't know.
00:11:44It's hard.
00:11:48I mean, it's-- it sounds nice, but it's not the song.
00:11:56Thanks anyway.
00:12:06(Yelling and cheering) so just choke up a little, huh?
00:12:13I can't do this.
00:12:15You just did it.
00:12:15Keep that up.
00:12:18Come on, melanie!
00:12:20Just take it easy.
00:12:21Keep your eye on the ball.
00:12:24Come and make an out fast so we can get out of here.
00:12:27Erin, this game isn't over until it's over.
00:12:30 this game is over.
00:12:36Whether you win or lose this game is not important.
00:12:39That you learn to work together and support each other through difficult times, that's what matters.
00:12:46Good try, melanie.
00:12:48Sorry. don't worry about it.
00:12:53Come on, kim.
00:12:53You can do it.
00:12:57Come on!
00:13:02(Screaming and yelling) safe.
00:13:26Kim? kim?
00:13:29Call an ambulance.
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00:17:43Making us just lie here's just so insane.
00:17:46Like a nap would have really saved kim's life.
00:17:49Nobody said she was dead.
00:17:52Make a mental note.
00:17:53If you're coming back, they don't strip the bed.
00:17:57Hey, great news.
00:17:57The hospital telephoned, and kim seems to be holding her own.
00:18:01I thought maybe we could start planning the talent show.
00:18:06Kim could be back in time to see it.
00:18:09Yeah, maybe tinkerbell will come back to life.
00:18:13Maybe we could do a song for the show.
00:18:16Perhaps we could put new words to an old tune.
00:18:21Do you all know "she'll be coming around the mountain"?
00:18:25I could make costumes.
00:18:29I don't do blimpwear.
00:18:29But I do sing a little.
00:18:32Hey, now you're talking.
00:18:34She'll be singing stupid camp songs when she dies.
00:18:37Everyone in this room is going to die at some time or other.
00:18:42I don't know when.
00:18:43I don't know.
00:18:45But you owe it to yourself to enjoy the time you've been given.
00:18:51I want to help you, but it's up to you whether you let me do that.
00:19:03Just because kim got sick doesn't mean i have to come home.
00:19:09I'm fine here. god, mom!
00:19:11You can't just lock me in my room until the day I die!
00:19:15I'm not dead yet!
00:19:16And I'm not taking chances.
00:19:19I'm having fun!
00:19:19Mom. please.
00:19:26Don't-- don't cry.
00:19:32Okay. just don't cry.
00:19:41(Sobbing) she's coming friday morning to pick me up.
00:19:53Do you know what that means?
00:19:57That means we've got a whole day and a half to have fun.
00:20:00Come on.
00:20:00Don't cry, my darling.
00:20:03We're gonna make us something pretty.
00:20:08(Chuckling) so this is what u wanted to show me?
00:20:13Well, it wasn't easy.
00:20:16But you are always saying " I don't know what to say.
00:20:20I'm very flattered.
00:20:27But what?
00:20:28You don't like me?
00:20:32Erin, I do like you.
00:20:32You know I like you.
00:20:35But you don't understand.
00:20:40Oh, I understand.
00:20:41No one wants to love someone who's just gonna die.
00:20:44That is not true.
00:20:44You are a special girl with a lot of love to give to somebody.
00:20:49But not you; right?
00:20:52 but there is someone out there for you.
00:20:59And you'll meet him one day.
00:21:03I don't have a lot of days left.
00:21:08Please leave.
00:21:32What happened?
00:21:35He's history.
00:21:38Well, he needed a haircut anyway.
00:21:42(Laughing) so you want some help?
00:21:53I guess we should paint kim's name on, huh?
00:21:58I bet kim never thought that this summer would be her last.
00:22:01I hate not knowing.
00:22:04Yeah, me, too.
00:22:16We could know.
00:22:18What are you talking about?
00:22:21When we're gonna die.
00:22:22We could know.
00:22:25We could not.
00:22:25We could, too.
00:22:28We could pick the time, pick the day.
00:22:32No surprises.
00:22:34Go out on our own terms.
00:22:37You mean kill ourselves?
00:22:39I mean we make a pact, take charge of our lives.
00:22:44Are you crazy?
00:22:45The only time we're ever alive anymore is here at camp.
00:22:51But there's going to be a cure soon.
00:22:54 that's what they told lisa wittenour and tracy and amy and devon and all the rest.
00:23:01What if they figure a way to keep us alive longer?
00:23:05What are we staying alive a little longer for?
00:23:10I am so sick of all the looks and stares and the people that can't breathe around me or shake my hand, let alone hug me or kiss me.
00:23:21And the only people that really want to hug me are usually crying when they do it.
00:23:27I can't even dream of having a boyfriend.
00:23:31I don't know about you, but it kills me.
00:23:38Th way I go my way: Looking pretty good, feeling pretty good, where I want to be.
00:23:56And I don't have to go alone.
00:24:00And neither do any of you.
00:24:04So who's with me?
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00:28:16(Nikki) talk about irony.
00:28:17We could kill ourselves with the same stupid pills that are supposed to ..sort of.
00:28:26Combine the right medications and make a killer cocktail.
00:28:31I've already downloaded the recipe into my journal.
00:28:34You've been holding out on us.
00:28:36 I've tried to do it a thousand times.
00:28:39But I just kind of chickened out.
00:28:43 who wants to die alone?
00:28:45None of us.
00:28:45That's the whole point.
00:28:48I think now with you guys, I might be able to do it.
00:28:53Melanie, have you decided yet?
00:28:55I'm still thinking.
00:28:55It's not an easy decision.
00:28:58What's easier?
00:28:58Living like this?
00:29:01It's not about easy or hard.
00:29:01It's about what's right.
00:29:04I want to do the right thing.
00:29:05What you want is a miracle, and they don't happen anymore.
00:29:09Go ahead and wait for one if you want.
00:29:11Just don't rat us out.
00:29:13If I'm gonna do this, I have stuff I'm gonna do.
00:29:16I'll wear my white linen dress and my white platform scandals.
00:29:20We should leave a note, something totally memorable.
00:29:24We have access to all the pills for the cocktail, but first we've got to get by rafael.
00:29:30That won't be a problem.
00:29:32Melanie, isn't your rash bothering you again?
00:29:35Not really.
00:29:36Oh, I think it is.
00:29:44Um, I think my rash is coming back.
00:29:47Let's try some more ointment.
00:30:04Come into the examining room, and we'll take a look.
00:30:21It's locked.
00:30:37(Rafael) it'll take about two weeks to clear up.
00:30:54So I will see you in the morning, then.
00:30:57I'm sorry about what I said to you about the song.
00:31:02Um, I was wondering.
00:31:04Did you happen to find it?
00:31:06Not yet.
00:31:06Still looking. someday.
00:31:31You look good.
00:31:33But you always said I was "a freaky-haired geek " I'm sorry I said all that stuff.
00:31:41You look beautiful.
00:31:41We all look beautiful.
00:31:46Okay; okay.
00:32:50oh, god.
00:32:53I really don't want to do this.
00:32:55Don't lose hope, my friend.
00:32:58We brought a miracle.
00:33:00It's a little one, but it might be enough.
00:33:03♪♪ (Guitar ballad) ♪♪
00:33:06♪♪ duermete nina linda ♪♪
00:33:10♪♪ en los brazos del amor ♪♪
00:33:15♪♪ que te arrulla ♪♪
00:33:18♪♪ tu madre .. ♪♪♪♪
00:33:22that's my song.
00:33:27Don't you hear it?
00:33:32What are you doing?
00:33:35It's a spanish lullaby about a baby that will always be taken care of by its mom.
00:33:42I never thought I'd hear it again.
00:33:45It's a miracle.
00:33:49I can't do this.
00:33:56fine. she's out.
00:33:57Any other chickens here?
00:34:01Because now we have to hurry before she rats on us all.
00:34:09Where's that light coming from?
00:34:14it's from heaven.
00:34:17I'm an angel sent by god to be with you at this moment.
00:34:24Oh, my god.
00:34:26Oh, my god!
00:34:30So god really is up there.
00:34:33God is here.
00:34:34And he loves you and he wants you to live, but only you have the power to make that choice.
00:34:41Your life is a gift from god, but he can't live it for you.
00:34:45But you don't know what it's like, monica.
00:34:48No one lets us have a life.
00:34:49All we are is a disease.
00:34:52And we're tired of it.
00:34:55But you made ct to be together and god wants you to keep it.
00:35:00Our pact was to die.
00:35:03god has a plan for your life.
00:35:08There is a reason for you to be living.
00:35:11And if you take your own life too soon, then you'll never know.
00:35:17You'll never find out what that reason is.
00:35:20Each one of you has a reason to be living-- living with, not dying from-- aids.
00:35:27But what if I'm more scared of living than I am of dying?
00:35:33Every single human being wakes up every single morning not knowing whether they're going to live or die that day.
00:35:42But I do.
00:35:43And today is not your day.
00:35:49Why doesn't he just make us better?
00:35:51 why can't that be the plan?
00:35:54I know this is hard for you to understand.
00:35:57Many people don't like to hear it, and most people can't accept it.
00:36:04God is able to heal everything and everyone.
00:36:09He made your bodies, and he can heal your bodies from disease.
00:36:15But your bodies were created to be the temples of something much more precious than physical life: Your spirits, the true you, the souls of nikki and abby and erin.
00:36:28That's where the real life is to be found, and that's what god wants to heal today.
00:36:35He is so sorry and so sad that this terrible disease may take you from the earth one day, but nothing-- nothing-- will ever take you from god.
00:36:45(Sobbing) on this side you have death.
00:37:04And on this side you have life.
00:37:08And god wants you to choose life.
00:37:55That's okay.
00:37:55I'll just die alone.
00:37:59It doesn't matter for me, erin.
00:38:00I already have lymphoma.
00:38:04I'm not gonna be here next summer.
00:38:09Nikki, why didn't you tell me?
00:38:11Because who needs another sad good-bye?
00:38:15Erin, you've been the leader in death.
00:38:23Nikki, you can't die now.
00:38:24None of us can.
00:38:30Because someday there's gonna be a cure, and we'll all be here when they do find one.
00:38:37You can fight lymphoma.
00:38:40It'll be rough, but I'll help you.
00:38:43But you've got to try.
00:38:44'Cause you're my best friend.
00:39:19] garden hands.
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00:41:49morning's poetry.
00:41:51Stop it. hello?
00:41:52You spotted a million dollar accounting error that no one elsenoticed.
00:41:56That was pretty sweet.
00:41:57 but you did have eight layers of sweet crunchy back up.
00:42:00What can I say? you're the man.
00:42:02Or -- you know, the little dude.
00:42:05Ha. that's me.
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00:42:15 can I take a message?
00:43:19@@@@@ an angel?
00:43:22So was god mad at me?
00:43:26No. god loves you.
00:43:29I almost did it.
00:43:29Then I heard the words.
00:43:34Why did I remember the words?
00:43:36Your mother wanted you to hear them again.
00:43:39She did?
00:43:41Your mother's love is always with you.
00:43:44You just have to let yourself feel it.
00:43:47..too much.
00:43:49It hurts more to forget.
00:43:59we missed the show.
00:44:01 and I heard there was a pretty big one out there on the face tonight, too.
00:44:08 the big light show, special effects.
00:44:10Tonight's been full of surprises, and I've got one of my own.
00:44:14Look at this.
00:44:20If nobody says anything, I'm gonna start to cry.
00:44:23Come here.
00:44:29What if kim came back and we were gone?
00:44:33Then I guess we made the right choice.
00:44:36I guess we did.
00:44:39She lives! kim!
00:44:42And so do we!
00:44:45It's so great.
00:44:47(Andrew) why did melanie want to do this outside?
00:44:51So god could have the best seat in the house.
00:44:54And that he has, baby.
00:45:02This is a song that my mother used to sing to me when I was scared.
00:45:07It was her song of hope.
00:45:11♪♪ Duermete nina linda ♪♪
00:45:15♪♪ en los brazos del amor ♪♪
00:45:19♪♪ que te arrulla tu madre ♪♪
00:45:24♪♪ cantando te a la ru ♪♪
00:45:28♪♪ a la ru ♪♪
00:45:31♪♪ a la me ♪♪
00:45:34♪♪ a la ru ♪♪
00:45:36♪♪ a la me ♪♪
00:45:37♪♪ a la ru, a la ru, ♪♪
00:45:40 ♪♪
00:45:43♪♪ oh, hush my pretty baby ♪♪
00:45:47♪♪ sleeping in the arms of love ♪♪
00:45:51♪♪ while your mother sings you ♪♪
00:45:55 ♪♪
00:46:00♪♪ a la ru ♪♪
00:46:03♪♪ a la me ♪♪
00:46:06♪♪ a la ru ♪♪
00:46:09♪♪ a la me ♪♪
00:46:11♪♪ a la ru, a la ru, ♪♪
00:46:14 ♪♪♪♪
00:47:04my first time in los angeles,the city of angels.
00:47:07This city needs all the angels it can get.
00:47:10 I don't want you to forget your sun block, because tess said that I should keep an eye on you.
00:47:17And I'm not taking any chances.
00:47:18Where is tess? I don't know.
00:47:21But until she shows up, I'm the stand-in.
00:47:24It's a movie term.
00:47:25You know, I've never actually been to a movie.
00:47:29Tess never wants to go.
00:47:32Well, you know, tess isn't a big fan of hollywood.
00:47:34The last time she was here WAS IN THE '50s.
00:47:37And that was a bad time for people and angels.
00:47:40(Monica) but it says in my guidebook that hollywood was the dream factory.
00:47:45But for a lot of people it was a nightmare.
00:47:48And for some it still hasn't ended.
00:47:52Welcome to the world of libby glaser.
00:47:54She owns that talent agency over there.
00:47:56But her real talent is for survival.
00:47:59 glaser, I was just-- just gonna pick up this?
00:48:02What does it say here?
00:48:04" sorry-- everybody's got an excuse.
00:48:08The guy in the mail room was in the john.
00:48:10Now he's out of a job.
00:48:11So are you.
00:48:22(andrew) everyone is so afraid of libby.
00:48:24She is one of the most powerful woman in hollywood, with a very powerful secret.
00:48:30Is that her secret?
00:48:32No. that is her solution.
00:48:35She thinks that if she drinks enough, the pain will go away.
00:48:41It's a pain that started such a long time ago when she was a little girl.
00:48:45She doesn't even remember.
00:48:48Is that my assignment?
00:48:51Not just remember.
00:48:53Libby has been living a lie.
00:48:54And she doesn't even know it.
00:48:58And when she finds out the truth, it's gonna drive her straight to the edge.
00:49:04Captions funded by cbs entertainment.
00:49:08Captioned by real-time captioning van nuys, california.
00:49:11(Della reese singing) ♪♪ when you walk down the road-- ♪♪
00:49:16♪♪ heavy burden, ♪♪
00:49:18♪♪ heavy load-- ♪♪
00:49:22♪♪ I will rise ♪♪
00:49:24♪♪ and I will ♪♪
00:49:27♪♪ I'll walk with you ♪♪
00:49:30♪♪ till the sun don't even shine, ♪♪
00:49:34♪♪ walk with you ♪♪
00:49:36♪♪ every tim ♪♪ I tell ya, ♪♪
00:49:41♪♪ walk with you ♪♪
00:49:44♪♪ believe me, ♪♪♪♪
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00:50:21People say they're so good maybe it's time they were called something new.
00:50:24They are the royalty of hot dogs, I call them queen elizabeefs!
00:50:29Hebrew national.
00:50:30The better thana hot dog hot dog.
00:52:03.He's the head of the hollywood screen guild.
00:52:06He's got to check in fob messages.
00:52:08This is libby glaser.
00:52:10I've already called once this week.
00:52:12Do you know who I am?
00:52:13No, I will not hold.
00:52:17Who are you?
00:52:19I'm monica, your new assistant.
00:52:22Hell getting this phone call returned is like trying to get a phone call from god.
00:52:29Maybe I could help.
00:52:30 if I can't get through you haven't got a prayer.
00:52:33If you're gonna be my assistant, let's get something straight.
00:52:37Around here, god's in the details.
00:52:39I want to see every piece of mail, every script, every fax as soon as it comes in.
00:52:46My first commandment is " god does forgive.
00:52:49Not in l.a.
00:52:52 I grew up with a movie star for a mother.
00:52:56She's very beautiful, your mother.
00:52:59 she didn't have a lot of time for the "mother" part.
00:53:02Is your father in the movies, too?
00:53:05Not in them.
00:53:06He wrote them.
00:53:09But he died a long time ago in a car accident.
00:53:13@ I'm sorry to hear that.
00:53:15He was one of the biggest writers in hollywood until he was blacklisted.
00:53:24He sacrificed everything for what he believed.
00:53:28It must have been wonderful to have a hero for a father.
00:53:31I don't remember him.
00:53:32And neither does this town.
00:53:35I'm a child of the blacklist, monica.
00:53:39You want to work for me, find out what that means.
00:53:46(McCARTHY) ARE YOU NOW Or have you ever been a member of the communist part?
00:53:51(Andrew) the blacklist was a product of the cold war.
00:53:54It was a time in this country when fear of communism shattered a lot of lives and families like libby's.
00:54:00You know, it all began with naming names.
00:54:04People who were even accused of being un-american lost their jobs.
00:54:08Friends betrayed friends, and marriages were broken apart.
00:54:11And libby's father, budd glaser, he couldn't work for the last six years of his life-- well, at least not under his own name.
00:54:20No wonder libby's so angry that people don't remember.
00:54:23That's why she's trying to get in touch with the screen guild.
00:54:26You see, they're honoring the victims of the blacklist, and libby wants to make sure that h how can I help her?
00:54:33You can start by answering the phone.
00:54:36(Telephone ringing) hello.
00:54:40Libby glaser's office.
00:54:42Could you hold, please?
00:54:45 glaser, I have the head of the hollywood screen guild on the phone.
00:54:50(Laughing) I do have a few connections.
00:54:55You just became the best assistant that libby has ever had because you've got connections that she can't even imagine.
00:55:03So it looks as if libby's father will finally get the recognition he deserves.
00:55:09Yeah, for writing one of the greatest movies ever made.

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