Snooki crashes into police patrol car in Florence, Causes traffic jam

Even outside New Jersey, Snooki, real name Nicole Catherine Polizzi, is able to stir up drama. The "Jersey Shore" guidette and her co-star Deena Cortese crashed into the back of a traffic patrol car while filming the MTV reality show in Florence, Italy.


A witness told TMZ that Snooki was driving when she struck the patrol car, wedging her vehicle between the car and a highway protection wall. Deena, who was sitting in the passenger seat, had to exit the car through the window because the door was blocked by the wall.

The irony in the whole incident is that the usually drunk guidettes were sober.

The officers who were in the patrol car were treated for whiplash and minor cuts and bruises, while Snooki and Deena were taken by the Carabinieri to the Florence police station to fill out paperwork.

Although they were in custody, it wasn't a formal arrest.

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