Wes Vernon
November 27, 2006
The plot against America exposed
By Wes Vernon

The late Defense Secretary James Forrestal famously remarked that if our "leaders" only made mistakes, they would occasionally make one in our favor.

Ralph de Toledano has presented us with ample evidence of that. But Forrestal was referring to the post-World War 2 advance of world Communism, and the sellout to Stalin at the conferences at Yalta and Potsdam.

In his new book Cry Havoc, Toledano clearly demonstrates that when the Soviet empire collapsed, the Marxists and their allies in our midst did not just go away. In fact, their mission to bring down the United States by boring from within had long since made Soviet espionage quite unnecessary. In their drive to bring down Western Civilization, they made no "mistakes." Everything was well-planned.

It took us decades to nail down airtight rock-solid proof that the Communist Party USA was funded by the Soviet Union. We always suspected as much and had ample circumstantial evidence, but we did not have the "smoking gun" until the Soviet Union was disbanded.

By the same token, disciples of "neo-Marxism" do not need to have Communist party membership cards to be certified as "true believers" in Marx's aim of "the destruction of everything existing [Karl Marx in his own words]."

You may think it "just happened" that today's society is saddled with cultural rot.

You may think it "just happened" that many kids graduate from high school with atrocious grammar, poor writing skills, and ignorance of American history, or in some cases are barely literate.

You may think it "just happened" that so many of today's clean-cut kids enter college only to emerge spewing hatred for America, its traditions and customs.

You may think it "just happened" that the counter-culture of the Sixties was rooted in raw hatred, violence, and destruction.

You may think it "just happened" that today's establishment universities, establishment foundations, and establishment media march to the drummer of "political correctness" that (at the very least) downgrades our Judeo-Christian heritage, while condoning if not celebrating same-sex marriage.

None of these things "just happened."

Western Civilization itself has been under a concerted, planned attack for decades. The step-by-step erosion of the values that served so well as the underpinning of America's greatness or "that shining city on the hill," as Ronald Reagan used to say did not "just happen." They were planned.

That is the thrust of Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring-down and How it Happened. Anyone who has spent time with author Ralph de Toledano at Washington's National Press Club knows that the man is a walking history encyclopedia. He has in his head enough anecdotes to double (at least) the long list of books (25) he has written, some of them best-sellers.

Toledano, a onetime editor of Newsweek and now the dean of Washington columnists, has had a distinguished and stormy career in journalism.

Distinguished because he has resisted Washington's magnetic herd instinct of falling in line with the liberal conventional wisdoms that have characterized much of the Washington press corps.

Stormy for exactly the same reason, dating back to his coverage of the Hiss-Chambers case. Some of Toledano's colleagues stopped talking to him when he pinpointed Alger Hiss as guilty of Soviet espionage. Later the courts and a prison sentence for Hiss vindicated Toledano's writings. That, of course won him no friends amongst his colleagues. The scribblers of the left can be vicious with anyone who proves them wrong and stupid.

Cry Havoc! is Ralph de Toledano's most ambitious work. Its modest length (254 pages) belies a volume jam-packed with information. One hardly knows where to begin. Anyone seriously absorbing it will end up with a heavily underlined book that connects the dots and timeline of the planned decline of Western Civilization.

Those dots lead ultimately to the Institute of Social Research planted in prestigious Frankfurt University in Germany in the Twenties. The "Frankfurt School," as it was called, was "dedicated to neo-Marxism contributing to the corrupt miasma of Weimar Germany and the victory of Adolph Hitler's National Socialists."

Ultimately, the "school" moved to America where it was accepted by Columbia University in New York. This was accomplished by John Dewey, the educator credited (or blamed) by many with leading to the corruption of America's education system. Dewey, as Toledano notes, was in league with "a crypto-communist professorial cabal and a conspiracy and a war so vast and so cunning that it went unnoticed."

A few unfortunately very few others have written about the Frankfurt school. Toledano takes one more step toward laying the conspiracy directly on the doorstep of the Comintern. As with Soviet funding of the Communist Party USA, it takes no great leap of imagination to surmise as much. Again, the question lies in "the smoking gun." Toledano makes the case that it is there in writings or words of V.I. Lenin and other original Bolsheviks.

The author also cites material from the Soviet archives and a host of books such as Stephen Koch's Double Lives. Koch, in a 1994 radio interview with this writer, focused on Willi Muenzenberg's role in bringing Communism to Hollywood. Muenzenberg, a German Communist, played a key role in arranging for the famous "sealed train" that took Lenin and his fellow revolutionaries back to Russia in 1917 in the midst of World War 1 and "the rest, as they say, is history."

Cry Havoc! traces the Frankfurt school plot to 1922 and to the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow and to Karl Radek a power in the Politburo and to other key players in the then-new Bolshevik revolution. Among them was Muenzenberg, who openly boasted, "We will take over the intellectuals. We will make America stink."

Toledano then sets the table for his tome, which he defines as "the first full account of that conspiracy weaving through the history of World War 1 and Versailles [the treaty that ultimately led to World War 2], Lenin's struggle for the survival of Bolshevism, the secret German-Soviet economic and military alliance of 1918-1940, the joint onslaught of [the] Communist[s] and [the] Nazi[s], the Cold War, and the subversion of America's institutions and with them, America's will to survive."

Toledano's book is based not only on much original research, but on information the author has pieced together from his own conversations, interviews, and correspondence with presidents (including Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan) and other insiders including the likes of J. Edgar Hoover. Some of the author's sources have witnessed the makings of this global mischief from the inside.

Space here does not enable us to do justice to everything Ralph de Toledano has found. We will return to this book again in the future.

For now, suffice it to say Cry Havoc provides many answers to the oft-heard question What is the country coming to these days?

(Cry Havoc-Anthem Books-Suite 1010500 23rd Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037)

© Wes Vernon

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