Fort Grant History

On December 19, 1872, Fort Grant was established at the foot of Mount Graham by direction of General Crook.  In January of 1873, eleven companies of cavalry and infantry were transferred to Fort Grant, under the command of Major Brown.  They immediately started work on the construction of a commissary building, officer's quarters and a wagon road up the side of Mount Graham. 

Early photo of Fort Grant
Early photo of Fort Grant
Troops patrolled southeast Arizona and western New Mexico chasing small marauding bands of Apache Indians and keeping the peace.  Troops from Fort Grant participated in the military campaign against Geronimo which ended with Geronimo's surrender in August of 1886.

In 1888, the Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th Cavalry were used in civil duties and chasing train robbers.  Starting in 1900, Fort Grant was a collection point for troops going to the Philippines during the Spanish American War. 

On October 4, 1905, Captain Jenkins marched Troop D across the parade grounds for the final time.  The troops were transferred to Fort Huachuca and Fort Grant was left to a caretaker. 

In 1912, as part of conferring statehood on the Arizona Territory, the federal government turned over Fort Grant to the New State to be used as the State Industrial School for Wayward Boys and Girls. 

In 1968, the Arizona State Legislature passed a bill making the Fort Grant State Industrial School a part of the State Department of Corrections. 

In 1973,Fort Grant became an adult male prison.  

In December of 1997, the Arizona State Prison at Fort Grant became the Fort Grant Unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex Safford.

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