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Center For Cancer Research National Cancer Institute
CCR and NIH Web Policies

The CCR Web site

The Center for Cancer Research (CCR) Web site is the gateway to information about CCR. All CCR-related Web sites must link to the main public Web site through one or more of its sections. The 6 main sections of CCR Web site are:

About CCR

CCR Clinical Trials

Our Science

Our News

Fellowships & Positions

For Our Staff - CCR Intranet Home (Note: This Web page is accessible to NIH staff only).

The CCR Research Directory

All CCR Branches, Laboratories, and Programs are provided a Web site that is part of the CCR Research Directory. This online directory gives the general public an overview of the research that is taking place within each lab/branch/program.

CCR investigators (senior and tenure-track), scientists, clinicians, and core facility heads are also provided a set of Web pages and these pages link back to the Branch/Lab/Program Home page. Investigator/Senior Staff Web sites provide contact information and highlight an individual's research, publications, and staff.

CCR fellows can also request a CCR Web site. These mini-sites provide information on the fellow's educational background, research interests, and publications.

All CCR Research Directory Web sites/pages are generated through the CCR Web Content Management System (CMS), which is accessed via the CCR Portal Login page.

How to obtain a CCR Web site:

To request a CCR Research Directory Web site, contact Ave Cline or Sue Fox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1) Can I set up an alternative Web site?

CCR is actively seeking to reduce the number of alternative Web sites maintained by CCR Branches/Labs/Programs. The goal is to create a collection of Web sites that have a uniform appearance (i.e., NCI and CCR branding) and that eliminate unnecessary redundancy (e.g., publications and staff lists that must be updated on 2 different Web sites).

An alternative Web site is developed for one of the following reasons:

  • The site hosts applications or scientific tools that cannot fit into the standard CCR Research Directory Web template.
  • The site targets a specific audience (e.g., high-school students).
  • The site has a specific purpose (e.g., promoting a new fellowship program).

Alternative Web sites are permitted (see criteria above), as long as there is a continuing need and the site is kept up-to-date by the Branch/Lab/Program that is responsible for the site.

2) What happens to Web sites that are not maintained by the owner?

Owners of alternative Web sites that: 1) do not host specific applications or tools, 2) contain outdated content, or 3) are not Section 508 compliant are risking removal of the site.

In some cases, a link to an outdated Web site may be redirected to the owner's CCR Research Directory Web site until the alternative Web site has been updated. In addition, the owner of the site will need to justify to CCR senior management why the alternative Web site is still required, particularly in cases where the content is redundant with the individual's CCR Research Directory site.

3) How do I request Web design/development support?

All requests for Web design/development support must be reviewed and approved by the CCR Office of Information Technology (OIT). Contact Jeff Shilling or Sue Fox (NCI-Frederick).

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