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Mirror Image by Enigmaticblue Teens
A happy little ficlet set in the distant future. Which future? Well, you’ll just have to decide that for yourself.

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The Fang Fetish Awards Archive

This archive is invitation only and all stories have to be validated. Invitations are issued on the following criteria:

  1. All stories that have won at FFA as Winner or Runner Up are allowed to post here. There are so many wonderful stories that we would like to follow up on that we created a place to do so.
  2. An author who won awards for fic A, B, and, C (not necessarily in the same round) will be entitiled to post thier fiction, regardless of type or pairing.

To nominate please visit the Fang Fetish Awards. To participate in the community and receive announcements visit our livejournal account.

Hi everyone! I've actually never put up news before, so am hoping I do this right.

The reason for this is to beg all of you readers out there to start reviewing. If you have not notice, then let me point out that our submissions and updates by authors has dropped off drastically. An archive can not survive without authors updating and submitting new fic and authors will not continue to put up fic on an archive that they get no feedback from.

We created this site not only to house award winning fic and authors, but for the extreme diversity of fic type and pairings. We are one of the only sites that takes any and all pairings, gen fic, drabbles to long fic, crossover fic, and even original and other fandom fic for the validated authors.

BUT! a lot of everyone's beloved authors are no longer updating here due to the simple fact they never get reviews.

So please be kind and show them that their time, effort, and love of fic does not go unnoticed.




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The new Reviewers of the Month are:

June - Vladt

July -  Purrfus 

August - Name

Please email me at justrewards @ to claim your pressie - either an icon or a ficlet.

Previous winners can be found here:


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