VH1 is filming a very special and VERY Intimate concert featuring Kelly Clarkson and they want her biggest NYC fans to be a part of it!

If you are a HUGE fan of Kelly’s and would like the opportunity to receive Complimentary Admission to this extremely intimate concert, please reply back to:

Put “Kelly Clarkson” in the subject line and include the following:
AGE (must be at least 18 years old):
GUEST NAME, PHOTO & AGE (you may bring ONE guest with you):
Favorite Kelly Clarkson Song:
Why you are such a fan of hers:
Why should you be in the audience for this event:

The show is taping Thursday, October 27th in NYC…You MUST be in the NYC area to apply for this concert.

The time is still TBD, so be sure you will be available ALL DAY before you reply for tickets. These shows do tend to tape in the Mid-Afternoon.

These spots will go FAST, so reply back soon!

Upon receiving your email, we will contact you with all of the final details, should you receive admission.

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good luck to those who enter

I live about an hour and 20-25 mins away from NYC (I'm from Connecticut lol)....wish I could enter, but it does say you have to be from the NYC area...darn!

Haha, I'm KC's biggest fan but I live in IL. Fail.

Cool Smile

I want to live in NYC Sad

my dream was live in NY, but i'm from brazil. ;(


This is not fair for the fans outside the U.S.

But everyone who can go, Have fun Smile

United States

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