‘Star Trek 2′ Begins Pre-Production In January 2011 [Updated]

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Actor Bruce Greenwood reveals that Star Trek 2 will begin filming in January of next year – though he doesn’t know yet whether or not he is in it.

Star Trek sequel filming in 2011

[UPDATE: Filming on Star Trek 2 is expected to begin early Summer 2011, not in January.  See the end of this article for details]

The as-yet untitled Star Trek sequel – which we will continue to refer to as Star Trek 2 for now – is on course to begin filming in January 2011, according to Bruce Greenwood (aka. the original Enterprise Captain, Christopher Pike).

Greenwood will grace the screen once again in next week’s Dinner For Schmucks, but he has yet to learn about his future in the Star Trek franchise.  His character played a pivotal role in director J.J. Abrams’ series reboot but is not actually a member of the classic Star Trek crew – so his return is anything but assured at this point.

What is known about Star Trek 2 at this point is that the main Star Trek cast members – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, etc. – are all set to reprise their roles; Damon Lindelof is working on the script alongside Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci; and J.J. Abrams is still poised to direct the sequel, once he has completed work on Super 8.

Former Captain-turned-Admiral Pike could potentially become a powerful ally (or foe) of the young Captain Kirk (Pine), whose brash nature will undoubtedly lead him to continue butting heads with Starfleet authority figures in future installments.  Greenwood (see below) was solid in the role and he has the support of most Star Trek fans so his return in the next film is possible.

Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike in Star Trek

The January start date is a good fit for the Star Trek cast and crew as well with their busy schedules.  After all, Simon Pegg will probably be working on Mission: Impossible 4 this fall; Chris Pine is still prepped to play Jack Ryan in Moscow, which should begin production in the second half of 2011; and Zoe Saldana has at least another year before Avatar 2 gets underway.  Scheduling production on Star Trek 2 for any time other than early 2011 may prove tricky at this point.

We should begin to find out some definite information concerning the plot of the Star Trek sequel over the upcoming months – for creativity’s sake though, let’s hope it doesn’t involve time travel this time around.

UPDATE: Trekmovie.com caught up with Star Trek producer Bryan Burk earlier this month and learned that although pre-production on the sequel could begin in January 2011, shooting on the film is scheduled for late spring/early summer of that year.  That would explain Greenwood’s speculative comment.

Star Trek 2 is tentatively scheduled to arrive in theaters in the U.S. on June 29th, 2012.

Source: Hollywood.com, Trekmovie.com

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  1. this is good news. i just dont want a retread of the Khan story

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing khan circa 2012. would be an interesting thing to see. though the PERFECT star trek movie would probably have the Nolans directing and writing it (can’t get over inception lol).

      • i would mind it, the khan story has been told in full already

        • Not really. We have seen Khan take control of Starfleet vessels but we haven’t seen him take control of civilizations. I wouldn’t mind seeing him become a Romulan Praetor or Klingon Emperor.

          • they should focus on thier more early adventures together, on what made them such a tight crew

            • I agree, no Khan needed. give us new antagonists. we don’t need a series of rehashed old ST storylines, the “how would it happen in this timeline” type of stories, start fresh

  2. This is the movie I am looking forward most too for the next few years (apart from Superman), as much as I’m desperate to see this next installment, I don’t want them to rush.

    And more importantly, an original storyline, sure use little bits from the original show and movies but let’s see something new and fresh like the first movie.

    • i agree sam, the only reason i did see the new star trek was, i wanted to see the origins back ground on how they all came together, it was a fun movie

  3. New alien culture or a new villain. Not one we’re seen before. And more personable and relate-able, not something huge like V’Ger.

    I would like to see Bruce back. Liked his Pike.

    Seems the cast is going to be busy, so lets get this puppy going!

  4. I would like to see them go up against the Gorm Empire (the lizard people that were only in one episode of the original series). With modern F/x and good story, that would be fun and different.

    • Gorns would be ok with updated effects. We never really knew much about them. It did highlight Kirk’s compassion when faced with having to kill an enemy. In the 2009 movie, he offered to help Nero but when his offer was thrown back in his face, he was all warrior again.

      I only hope they don’t undo Vulcan’s demise. It was done, move on. Maybe a reference to how the new colony is going would be nice.

  5. If you want continuity, some things will still be there, like V’Ger, the Doomsday Machine, Khan, the humpback Whale probe, the giant Amoeba, Apollo, etc…

    • Khan – in this timeline, they never find the ship and it floats into oblivian

      Humpback whale probe / Vger – neither happen for another 15 to 20 years

      (don’t remember the plot points of the others) – plenty of time for the crew to have brand spanking new adventures we’ve never seen before, not retelling old stories

    • What about the Guardian of Forever? Just re-set the timeline that way…

  6. Can’t hardly wait.

    Things I would like to see/mentioned:

    - Mention of the new ‘Vulcan’ and/or speculation if Vulcan is “really gone” (as Nero would have to come back in time to “destroy” it)

    - Kirk meets Dr. Carol Marcus.

    - A few winks to TOS and/or Enterprise

    - A brand new foe.

  7. A new villian? how about the tribbles? just kidding…

    • damn..brandon beat me to that joke!!!!

      • Mirror tribbles! With goatee beards. Try petting one of them and you’ll never play the piano again.

  8. Ok, I’m gonna be thrown some nasty stuff at for saying this, but I was disappointed with the first one, and I hope JJ Abrams makes some changes for the second one, namely change some of the cast.
    Yep, fat chance, I know.

    Chekov, Scotty and Sulu didnt work for me at all. Scotty played by an Englishman? Was that supposed to be a scottish accent? Please.
    Chekov and Sulu would have been more fitting in “Teen Enterprise Beverly Hills” or something like that.

    Of course it’s mostly a matter of taste, but since I like most of the movies that JJ Abrams does, I was underwhelmed.

    Apart from that, yes Greenwood was good and the Captain Pike character has some bad luck coming up,as we’ve seen in TOS. That could really work well on the big screen.

    The rest of the cast I liked, like Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban and Christopher Pine.
    I would also like see a new nasty fearsome villain, none of the races/beings we already know.

    • @ Michael

      Chekov (Anton Yelchin) and Sulu (John Cho) didn’t work that well for me either – which is too bad, since I’ve enjoyed both actors in other roles.

      I’m a big Simon Pegg fan so I can’t really comment on his turn as Scotty without being biased. ;)

      • ehh, all three were fine to me in thier roles, no biasness here, i enjoyed the movie more than i thought i would really, looking forward to the next adventure. sidenote to Yelchin, i just saw Charlie Bartlett for the first time since it eas in the theaters lol, i had forgotten how funny he was in that movie

    • Your problem was the accent and nationality!! Really??

      I dunno what movie you watched but Sulu was bad-ass.

    • Scotty played by an Englishman married to a Scot, as opposed to being played by an Irish-Canadian. I’d imagine Pegg’s in-laws would be scattering his ashes by now if they’d thought he was that bad…

    • … Scotty played by a CANADIAN? that would never work? Better tell James Doohan he’s been turned down. lol.. Simon Pegg did have his Scottish wife and in-laws helping him.. personally I thought he was pretty good – and he made lovely little references to things like “neeps and tatties”..

      As for the film overall – stragely once I got over the shock of timeline and “canon” changes… I’ve seen it a number of times and itr really grows on me.

      The “puppy-dog” enthusiasm of Yettzin was just right – after all, look how old the actor is for goodness sake!!!! – And John Cho was “gung-ho”.

      Sylar [oops - sorry..] Spock was a brilliant rendition band great to see Leonard Nimoy there. Pike was impressive – statesman-to-be type of character. Karl Urban was so beautifully grumpy, the epitome of “the real McCoy”.. and Pine in my opinion was a very good Kirk, making the transition from fly-boy to Captain.. loved the nods to other films and bits from originals.. such as the bite of the apple in the Kobayashi Maru scene echoing the Genesis Cave escape fom ST:Wrath of Khan..

      • so sorry for spelling mistakes..
        Mr Yeltzin, etc

        Well, I’m really looking forward to what happens next..

        Harry Mudd?
        Personally I’d like to see Trelayne [is he part of the "Q"??]
        Others beat me to the Big Bad Tribble idea :-)

  9. What’s up with the Greenwood lobbying???

    If we’re honest he wasn’t important and when he relinquished his command of the Enterprise it was over for that particular character.

    But this brings me back to my only gripe with the brilliant movie. I think Kirk became captain far too quickly and easily, they could’ve waited at least until the end of the sequel to make him captain.

    There’s nothing major to look forward to we’ve met most if not all of the main crew, Spock and Kirk are now friends, even though he said some shit about his mama and Spock has relegated himself to support staff. All this happened far too quickly.

    But I digress, they had me at hot green alien chick wearing lingerie!!!!

    • yea she needed to be in the film more lol

  10. Ahhh, yes… villians, story arc, how will it align ir misalign with TOS… all valid regards for queries, but the most important question has yet to be asked:

    Will Kirk wear his casual green shirt for the funny parts?

  11. Or…….or………or…….. A Mass Effect movie!!!!

  12. Maintaining continuity isn’t important because this was a new timelines but fans like references to things they know and love. What about all those awards Kirk had on his dress uniform. We could have a story about how he acquired one of them.

    As for Pike, he doesn’t have to have a big role. He has followed the Kirk men’s careers and would have an interest in Kirk’s first (and his former) command. Then go on to the story.

    I liked Cho and Yeltsin, but Chekov needs to be more mature, as due a whiz kid, and please make Uhura man her post instead of chasing Spock all over the ship!

    • thats what i was saying lisa, the crew has a few adventures im sure before we met them in the tv series long ago, what about those, it’d be cool to see that stuff

      • That’s Yelchin lol. Russians are all alike to me. ;-)

        • i wish i was named Anton

  13. I hope it isn’t about Khan, but excited to see it start soonish.

    • you ad me both daniel, move on from khan already

  14. There’s always that pesky Prime Directive. We could see how it came into being, a la Kirk and the Enterprise getting into boatload trouble. Pike could help bail him out and write the prime directive as a result.

  15. I have a perfect plot for the next movie. Kirks mother was missing from the end of the movie because she is working for starfleet security but returns to assist in the study of werckage from Nero’s ship romulan spies are trying to steal the info that starfleet has and ends up kidnapping kirks mother using gorn spies and now kirk goes after her with Spock at his side because he understands the frear that Kirk is feeling that he may loose his own mother and the rest of the crew followe because they do not want the Head of Starfleet security to fall into the hands of the Romulans. Please let me know what you think.

    • Nero’s ship got sucked into the black hole, so there is nothing to study. Don’t forget that Narada already survived one black hole when it was sent back in time. We may not have seen the last of Nero.

      What turned the Narada from a simple mining ship into ST’s answer to the Death Star was purloined Borg tech.

      In the treatment for ST13 I am working up, the “accelerated” timeline began with First Contact. Knowing the exact time and location of the initial Borg attack on earth, it was a pretty simple matter to locate the debris field that was once the Borg Queen’s timeship. Subsequent study of the wreckage goes a long way toward explaining why they now have robot policemen and 3x larger starships.

      I hope that they can create a new menace for the Enterprise, and bring back some suspense and mystery, always a challenge when you have a cast of continuing characters who you know won’t die.

      Please leave Khan to the interstellar void, as the Eugenics Wars of 1996 never happened and without a “Space Seed” to precede it, Khan really has nothing to be wrathful about.

    • I doubt the Gorn would make very good spies, not likely to blend in that well. OTOH, my story does mention a war between the Romulans and Gorns, and at least hints that the reason Cestus 3 was hit was out of mistaken identity. Pointy-eared, round-eared, no-eared, we all look like the same damn species to them.

  16. I know many of you don’t want old villains but we never knew how the Treaty of Algeron came about, and why Starfleet agreed to not use cloaking technology. They could have some new foe be the main villain with the Romulans pulling the strings. The Klingons could also be part of this, and we find out how they (Romulans and Klingons) become allies (for a short time).

    • for me it was never really about not wanting old villains. everyones kahn this, kahn that. we all know the how and the why with regards to why kahn hates kirk, origins like the one u described above are fine with me.

  17. In responce to your point that neroe’s ship was sucked into a black hole what about the part of the ship that dropped in to San Fransico Bat next to the golden gate bridge? I’m sure some tech survived that would be useful

  18. Oops also for got about the gorn. If the Klingons can make themselves appear human like they did in Troubble with Tribbles and and Adriod and a human to look like Romulans then why not a gorn to look human. I’m sure in the 23rd centurey medical skills have progressed to the point where this is possible. Or they could just clone some human to use as a spy. Think out side the box!

  19. I agree with Bright Eyes, something new and untried would be the best way to go. Retelling an already known story is sure to be a death throe for Star Trek. That being said, there must something in the whole Star Trek lore that hasn’t been done. The reason why the fleet was dispatched to the Lorentia (spelling?) System wasn’t explored in the last movie.

  20. I would dearly LOVE to see Bruce Greenwood back as Pike!
    I’m all for that.

  21. Some other Star Trek storylines that would be usable.
    1. City on the Edge of Forever
    2. Amok Time
    3. Arena
    4. The Trouble with Tribbles

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