LFC thoughts of the week: Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool, The Youngsters, Dalglish Contract, Comolli – one of the signings of the season?

Posted: April 20, 2011 by Barry Ringstead in LFC Posts
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Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool

Having been a Liverpool supporter for over 30 years this must rank as one of the greatest fight-backs from the jaws of certain defeat I’ve ever seen. Once Van Persie had scored that penalty in the 8th minute of extra time most of us (all of us?) thought it was over, but not this Dalglish team. They kept going with grit and determination and forced their way back into the game. And in my book Lucas deserves a ton of credit for the way he shielded the ball and forced Eboue to run him over. There was no dive, as most commentators suggested, it was a clear penalty. And what do you say about Dirk Kuyt? The way he took the penalty was class. Oh and to all my mates who left the ground after Arsenal scored and didn’t see the equalizer, you have my sympathy.

The Youngsters

It was brilliant to see Flanagan and Robinson doing such a great job on Sunday and was one of the highlights the week. They both make Martin Kelly seem like a senior, being 3 years younger,  and it’s a great credit to Pep Segura. Rodolfo Borrell, and Frank MacParland that they’re producing such talented players, something that hasn’t happening for over a decade. The last quality player to emerge from the academy was Steven Warnock!

Dalglish Contract

Pepe just made his feelings clear about his hopes that Kenny will remain manager after this season. I don’t think any Liverpool supporter has any doubts Kenny should be given the job permanently, do they? With Steve Clarke, Liverpool’s first team coach, close to penning a long-term deal (3.5 years) surely Kenny’s permanent deal can’t be too far away.

Comolli – one of the signings of the season?

Damien Comolli was a smart and impressive hire. I’ve watched several of his interviews on LFCTV and have been really impressed with his approach to finding new players that will fit Dalglish’s vision of the new Liverpool as well as his focus on retaining key players. You get a real sense from Comolli that he knows talent and is developing an outstanding summer shopping list.

All in all, a good week.

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