Who’s on your summer bin list?

Posted: May 18, 2011 by Barry Ringstead in LFC Posts
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A good mate of mine forwarded me an excellent email from a good mate of his which listed the players he felt should be let go this summer because a) they just aren’t good enough and b) so Kenny has more money to spend in the summer. A timely and important topic in my book.

I won’t name the good fella who wrote the email but you can find him in one scene in the documentary “One Night in May” right in the middle of the stands as it fades from a profile of Ancelloti to the Liverpool fans behind.

So here’s his list of players who should go and why:

  •  Cole:  (his style doesn’t fit)
  •  Agger:  (injury prone) 
  •  Aurellio: (injury prone)
  •  Konchesky: (crap)
  •  Javanovic: (crap)
  •  Poulsen: (crap)
  •  Degan: (crap)
  •  El Zhar: (crap)
  •  Mavinga: (crap)

Succinct and to the point, but who can argue that any of these players should be pulling on a Liverpool shirt next season? Plus, I can’t image how much in wages this lot picks up each and every week.

His email went on to name two players he felt had the potential to still do a good job for Liverpool but due to problems they had with Rafa (but who didn’t were his thoughts) they were both out on loan. If they aren’t wanted then they should generate good money:

  • Insua: (I don’t think he ever let us down, could save us a lot of money)
  • Aquilani: (good touch player, works hard off the ball)

I have to agree. I really liked Insua and always felt he had solid games. The jury is still out on Aquilani but it seems Dalglish would be happy to have him back in the squad so it will be interesting to see where these two players end up next season.

And finally, there were two players he felt that needed a hard look. Even though they weren’t putting anybody under pressure if their positions were covered through new acquisitions they too should be sold and provide more money for Kenny:

  •  Ngog
  •  Pacheco

So what’s your take on who should be thanked for their services and shown the door? What we do know is that before buying Liverpool FSG were amazed at the number of mediocre players on the books and the annual wage bill to the point it was almost a deal breaker.

So gives us your thoughts.

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