Urgent Call for Restraint in Ngaba

Since 26 September six young men connected to Kirti Monastery, Ngaba in eastern Tibet have set themselves alight. These instances have escalated since Phuntsog, a 21-year old monk also from Kirti monastery who died after setting himself on fire in March. In many instances the young men waved the banned Tibetan flag and called for religious freedom and “long live the Dalai Lama” before they self-immolated. Four Tibetans have died through self-immolation since March 2011. The well-being and whereabouts of those who have survived is not clear.

This is now the seventh act of self-immolation linked Kirti Monastery in six months, an unprecedented trend, underlining the growing desperation among some young Tibetans. China responded to Phuntsog’s self-immolation by sending in armed paramilitary forces, making dozens of arbitrary arrests, house searches and removed hundreds of monks from the monastery.  Six Tibetans closely related to Phuntsog have been sentenced including Phuntsog’s uncle who was jailed for eleven years for allegedly delaying hospital treatment for Phuntsog. Police and security forces continue to be stationed at the monastery.

The crackdown only fuels despair and leads to loss of life. China’s current policy in Tibet must change.

Please sign the petition below to the Party Secretary of Sichuan, Liu Qibao.

Dear Sir,

I was deeply upset to receive the news that further young Tibetans have set themselves alight in Ngaba County (Ch: Aba, Sichuan Province) in Tibet. I call on you to act with restraint. The actions of these young men expose how China’s policy in Ngaba has failed. I urge you to:

· Confirm the well-being and whereabouts of all those who have self-immolated.

· Cease the persecutions in Ngaba

· Remove security personnel from Kirti monastery

· Allow Tibetans to practise their religion freely and without interference

· Allow independent international media and human rights monitors to visit the area
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