EU Parliament Debates Installing A Black Box On Your Computer

Motti EU MEP Tiziano Motti (Italy), wants everything you do online to be logged and saved, for the sake of the children. Like a black box installed on every computer. He proposes an early warning system of criminal activity, specifically whenever an image of sexually abused children is detected, an alarm, goes to the authorities to be able to see who uploaded it.

MEP Lars Christian Engstrom (Sweden) did not take so favorably to the proposal, and responded with this:

If it were China, North Korea or Saudi Arabia who had proposed this, what would we say then? It's scary in a democratic Europe to even hear a politician suggest such a thing. It is so absurd that I really hope we never have to discuss it seriously in Parliament.

Tiziano Motti was a politician who just over a year ago managed to get a majority of European Members of Parliament to support the proposal to expand the data storage directive to Google searches. The purpose was to protect children from pedophiles - the same excuse he is using now.

His proposal involves a technology called Logbox. And just as with an aircraft's black box, Logbox is installed on computers, laptops, smartphones, and e-readers because yes, all that can be connected to the internet.

Former Piratbyran founder and current telecomix hactivist Marcin de Kaminski says:

The proposal claims to be based on users' rights and claims they are protected, that they should feel safe. He writes at the beginning that he did not want to create a new Big Brother Society. But then the whole document is about just that.

Marcin says (marcink on irc) that Motti has not analyzed through his proposal properly.

For him, the Internet is a tool to "save the children". But he does not realize that he might ruin the lot.

Although Mottis' current proposal is not directly linked to the Data Retention Directive, he believes it is safe, Marcin is skeptical at best.