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Healthy Food Found To Be Very Hard On The Wallet

Posted on 04 August 2011 by admin

Washington (HealthKnowItAll) – Researchers have found that healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food.

The study, which was published in the journal Health Affairs, focused in the cost of food in the U.S.

Americans are spending thousands of dollars each year on food, and researchers from the University of Washington aimed to look into cost differences of healthy and unhealthy food. Continue Reading

Hot Dogs Are Full Of Fat, Unhealthy Processed Meats

Posted on 01 August 2011 by admin

Washington (HealthKnowItAll) – A non-profit organization has started a campaign against the American favorite at baseball parks around the country, the hot dog.

The non-profit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has launched a major campaign to alert the entire U.S. about the dangers of consuming hot dogs. Continue Reading

More Americans Beating Cancer

Posted on 11 March 2011 by staff

More people who are diagnosed with cancer are surviving, according to a new report issued by the CDC.

Cancer treatment has come a long way over the last 25 years, meaning that now being diagnosed with a form of the disease is no longer viewed as a death sentence. Continue Reading

Rep. Tom Craddick Okay Following Collapse

Posted on 10 March 2011 by staff

Many questions are being asked about the health of Rep. Tom Craddick after he collapsed yesterday morning at the Capital.

He was rushed to hospital and put through a battery of tests and according to doctors, experienced an adverse reaction to medication he was taking for a tooth problem. Continue Reading

Alice In Chains Bassist Mike Starr Found Dead In Utah

Posted on 10 March 2011 by staff

It is being reported today that Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr has died at 44 years of age.

He was found on Tuesday in Salt Lake City and currently the cause of his death is a mystery. Continue Reading

Sun Tans Can Be Very Dangerous

Posted on 09 March 2011 by staff

With spring break right around the corner, students are packing their bags for their trip away from the cold and into the hot, of Florida, California and anywhere else with bountiful supplies of beaches.

Getting a nice tan is the focal point of many young people when they vacation during their time off school but although tans maybe nice to look at they are in fact very dangerous. Continue Reading

UK Government Banning Public Tobacco Advertisements

Posted on 09 March 2011 by staff

The UK government is taking the bull by the horns so to speak in the ongoing battle against smoking cigarettes.

By April 2015, all stores in England will be banned from openly displaying tobacco products in an ongoing attempt by the government to reduce the rate of smokers living in the country. Continue Reading

Serena Williams Says She Is Lucky To Be Alive

Posted on 09 March 2011 by staff

Top tennis star Serena Williams is lucky to be alive after she was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered a blood clot in her lung.

The former number one says that the experience was “the scariest moment in my life,” and that she is lucky to be alive. Continue Reading

Daylight Saving Time Comes With Increased Heart Attack Risk

Posted on 09 March 2011 by staff

Daylight Saving Time is fast approaching and along with it comes an increased heart attack risk for us all.

Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham state that on the Monday and Tuesday following changing the clocks to an hour ahead, the risk of suffering a heart attack rises by 10 percent.

Their only theory behind this unsettling trend is that they body loses an hour of sleep and your internal clock is also given a jolt thanks to the extra hour of light during the day.

How to counteract this risk? Researchers say that going to bed extra early for the next week and making sure to follow a good diet and exercise program should help ease your body’s adjustment period.

Kim Hil, Inspiration Behind Ronald McDonald Houses Has Died

Posted on 09 March 2011 by staff

It is being reported that Kim Hil, whose own battle with cancer was the inspiration behind Ronald McDonald Houses has passed away at the age of 44.

Kim was diagnosed with leukemia at only three years of age but beat the disease, but doing so took a huge toll in her body as she was treated with serious doses of radiation that resulted in brain tumors forming as an adult. Continue Reading