Corporate Wellness Service Advertising

What We Do

National Corporate Wellness Network is: the premiere place to find or promote corporate wellness services and products - a listing network of local, regional and national corporate wellness providers and resources.

Each city has its own unique portal displaying local providers, information and events, for example,,

Programs range from free resources to custom designed long-term campaigns designed to provide significant Return on Investment.

From employee fitness programs and discount gym memberships, to workplace nutrition programs, you will find many ways your company can increase employee health & productivity, raise the morale of your workplace.

List your corporate wellness service.

There are no “Yellow Pages” listings for wellness. Wellness is a recent awakening and is generating a great deal of interest. It is difficult to locate, compare and receive meaningful information on wellness providers and the services that they offer. Many are experts at what they do, but lack the marketing skills and resource to make themselves available to the parties most interested in their services.

By making the connections, everyone wins. We provide resources through all mediums, including personal, internet based, telephonic and written, ranging from free assessments to sophisticated biometric testing. 

Why is there so much interest in Wellness?

ImagePeople are finally realizing how much lifestyle plays in illness and disease. 75% of all healthcare spending in the US can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles. The cost of medical care and health insurance demands more attention on staying well, especially as more of the cost of healthcare is being shifted to employees and individuals.

Businesses can see a significant return on investment for offering a properly designed wellness program. Proposed legislation will make some wellness provisions mandatory.

Why should I be interested in National Corporate Wellness?

If you are a business owner or decision maker, consider this:
•A meta-review of 42 published studies of worksite health promotion programs shows:
•Average 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism
•Average 26% reduction in health costs
•Average 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs
•Average $5.93-to-$1 savings-to-cost ratio
•A review of 73 published studies of worksite health promotion programs shows an average $3.50-to-$1 savings-to-cost ratio in reduced absenteeism and health care costs.