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2010 July

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nice, Cap Ferrat and Monaco

Monaco More super yachts, old market towns and Monaco Casino


We spent several nights in Nice with Katie, my Mother, Sister and then just the two of us.

We decided Nice in nice…. Here are some of my favourite parts:

  • Having Brunch/ Petit Dejeuner with Katie in the old town and then checking out the food market (a theme of Katie’s sailing holiday). We went back to the market with my Mum and Martha as it turns into an antiques market on Mondays. It was great to look at all the antiques – especially the designer handbags and jewellery. Geoff and Martha were less interested so opted to sit in the bar with a cold beer and some shade instead
  • Walking over the hill by the port and looking at the stunning views of the town
  • Cooling off with a swim in the sea on Nice beach

Cap Ferrat and Ville Franche

I’d never heard of Cap Ferrat before we arrived. It’s a headland between Nice and Monaco (very near to Nice) where the rich and famous live. A few of the famous names include Bill Gates, Tina Turner and at one time the Rothchilds. We sailed past this headland a couple of times and anchored in Ville Franche with my Mum and Sister.

I think anchoring was probably Martha’s highlight of the holiday as we could jump into the sea off the back of the boat, sun bathe on deck and avoid the busy rushing around of Nice and Monaco.


And then there was Monaco – a part of the trip I’d been looking forward to although I had no idea what to expect. We were mooring in Fontvielle marina just on the edge of the Principality so, after a quick lunch, a change into smarter clothes (you can’t go bear feet or bare-chested in Monaco) we headed off into town. After getting a little lost and wandering what all the fuss was about we stumbled across the Casino, Café De Paris and then the old town – this was much more what of what I expected.

  • The casino: We came here twice, one in the day time and then all dressed up at night. The casino has both “slot machines” as well as the grander and more imposing card and roulette tables. I went armed with my coins for the one armed bandit only to discover that in Monaco the smallest amount of money you can put in a machine comes in note not coin form… It took about 20 mins for Geoff, my Mother and I to work out how the one armed bandit works (no more pulling the arm and seeing if the pictures match – here they have lines, bets and rows??) and after being 30 cents up we lost all of our 5 Euro bet. I don’t think gambling is the main attraction of the casino, instead I think it’s the people, watching the roulette games and staring in wander at the Feraris and Maseratis parked outside. Unfortunately Mum didn’t bump into George Clooney as she hoped so we consoled her with a glass of white wine instead
  • The marina: Monaco Marina really isn’t all that amazing, but I have become a bit of a sad boat spotter and like looking to see whether we’ve seem any of the super boast elsewhere on our tour. W2, one of the most glamarous and beautifully designed boats we’ve seen so far was there – it is pretty cool. I should have taken a photo but failed to so you’ll have to take my word for it
  • The old town: The old town is really pretty and I couldn’t help finding the fact that there’s a dress code for walking around the streets  quite bizarre but nice. We made a special; effort to go and see the changing of the guard at 11am which I’m glad we saw although I’m not sure I’d rush to go and see it again
  • The second hand private jet shop:  Where else in the world would you find a shop selling second hand private jets just off the high street??

So all in all it was an interesting place to visit and I’m pretty sure I can say that everyone that came along with us enjoyed it too. Monaco had to be a location for this year but now I’ve done it I think I’ve seen enough glitz and glamour for a while.

So back to Nice for us to drop Martha and my Mum off, get the boat cleaned and stocked up before we head off the Tuscan Islands.

Once again there’s no book update – we’ve been too busy but, Mum did ;eave us with enough books to fill a small library so we’ll be reading a lot over the next month or so.

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The Cote D’Azur: St Tropez, Cannes and Antibes

Super Yachts, Food Markets, Pina Coladas and Ice Ice Baby

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sailing in Provence and the West Cote D’Azur

Calanques, Cassis, Port Cros and Hyeres

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sailing in France – The Golfe du Lion

Collioure and Marseille OK – slowly but surely I’m catching up on the blogs… after this one I’ll only be a couple of weeks behind… The Golfe du Lion has become a location of interest to Geoff and I during this sailing trip because, if there’s going to be wind it’s going to be here. [...]

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sailing in Spain

It feels like we haven’t been in touch for a while so we’re making the most of having a quiet day and are catching up on our blog writing. Hopefully this one will bring us slightly more up-to date although not completely… Leaving Mallorca We left Mallorca and the Balearic islands just over a month [...]

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