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Bonser has a power build and throws power everythings.

(Original article on WHIFF Rate can be found here.)

When Boof Bonser burst on the scene in 2006, not many could see past the cartoonish moniker and the clunky physique. If you watched him a little more carefully, however, something else became apparent:

This guy had really good stuff.

Throughout the '07 season, Bonser has been among the league leaders in K-rate, and it correlates with his WHIFF rates for all four of his pitches. Bonser throws very hard for a starting pitcher, consistently hitting 93-94mph. His fastball ranks high with a .161 WHIFF, almost into the 70th percentile. But when his fastball gets hit, it has been getting hammered, at least so far in '07. Opposing hitters are slugging .596 against the fastball, including 9 home runs.

His secondary pitches all have above average WHIFF rates as well. His slider, a pitch that can flirt with the 90mph mark, is very tight but still induces misses on 31% of hitters' swings (about the 59th percentile).

HIs change is his least frequent offering, but he still posts a WHIFF of .375, although the sample size is a bit too small.

What's become a devastating out-pitch for Bonser is his power curve, a pitch that would've ranked in the top 5 had it qualified in '06 (it missed by 4 batter swings). Last year Bonser posted a curveball WHIFF of .406, and this year it's .366, which ranks in the 80th percentile.

Boof has the killer out-pitch. The only thing preventing him from becoming a star is inducing weaker contact earlier in the count, which, let's be honest, is a lot easier said than done, especially in the American League.

Boof Bonser WHIFF Rate Breakdown

Fastball -- .161 (MLB Avg .133)
Curve - ..388 (MLB Avg .246)
Slider - .310 (MLB Avg ..273)
Change - .375 (MLB Avg .250)


Great analysis! This is my first time reading your blog, so it's reassuring to know that I haven't been stashing Boof on my bench in vain.

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this dude is fat!

Where did you get this data for Bonser? Indeed it is excellent dope.

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Lovely! Very well-done! :)

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