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Charmed - The 8th Season (6 Disc Set) (New Packaging)

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Charmed - The 8th Season (6 Disc Set) (New Packaging)


The Charmed Ones, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano), Piper (Holly Marie Combs) and Paige (Rose McGowan), have faked their own deaths, attended their own funerals, and must now accustom themselves to a life of normality. But not everyone is convinced they are dead in the explosive eighth and final season of Charmed!

With a desire to put their old lives behind them and live a demon-free existence, Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo cast a spell creating new identities. They alter their appearances to the outside world, but still appear as themselves to those closest to them. Piper tries to live the normal family life by being a wife to Leo, raising two sons, and running her nightclub, P3. Phoebe embraces her new life and tries to form a relationship with Dex Lawson (Jason Lewis, Sex and the City), a gorgeous artist who had admired her from afar but never had the courage to ask her out. Now, with a new lease on life, Phoebe goes after Dex, especially after she has a premonition that she will marry him. Wanting to move on and put magic behind her, Paige still can't ignore the Whitelighter in her (as her healing abilities have appeared), and answers the call of a young witch named Billie, who has telekinetic powers. As the Charmed Ones work with Billie to hone her skills and teach her the importance of their calling, they realize how much they miss magic.

Still Charmed and Kicking
Malice in Wonderland
Run, Piper, Run
Desperate Housewitches
Kill Billie: Vol. 1
The Lost Picture Show
Battle of the Hexes
Hulkus Pocus
Vaya Con Leos
Mr. & Mrs. Witch
Payback's a Witch
Repo Manor
12 Angry Zen
The Last Temptation of Christy
Engaged and Confused
Generation Hex
The Torn Identity
The Jung and the Restless
Gone with the Witches
Kill Billie: Vol. 2
Forever Charmed
Year of Production
Run Time (minutes)
Audio Format
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Aspect Ratio
1.33:1 Fullscreen
Transfer Aspect Ratio
Media Format
First Released

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