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APEC Secretariat, Singapore

APEC host for 2011

Melbourne APEC Finance Centre

The Australian APEC Study Centre (AASC) at RMIT University

The Australian APEC Study Centre at RMIT University’s College of Business, together with its component facility, the Melbourne APEC Finance Centre, promote Australia’s, Victoria’s and RMIT’s strategic, economic, social and educational objectives throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The Centre also manages training programs, conferences and symposia on issues related to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). For more information about the role and activities of the APEC Centre, click here.


AASC welcomes new newsletter editor
Errol MuirDr Errol Muir is an Adjunct Professor in the RMIT School of Management; Deputy Chairman of Conservation Volunteers Australia; and a member of the Adult, Community and Further Education Board of the Victorian Government. He has held numerous public policy, economics and senior executive roles in the Trade and Primary Industry Departments of the Australian Federal Government and in the mining industry.

He has Bachelor’s degrees in science and economics, a Graduate Diploma in Management, and a Master of Business and a PhD in management.

APEC launches the SME Crisis Management Centre
The Australian APEC Study Centre is pleased to support the APEC SME Crisis Management Center, set up by APEC and the Chinese Taipei Government in 2010 to assist SMEs in identifying crisis in an earliest manner, overcoming the impacts of global economic challenges, and offering suggestions for response measures.

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