Brigham Young University   

BYU Suspends Students for Gay Conduct
Barbara Dozetos, Network
April, 2001

A university owned by the Mormon Church has suspended two students for what is known on campus as SSA — same-sex attraction.

In unrelated incidents, Ricky Escoto and Matthew Grierson, both 21, were told to withdraw from Brigham Young University or face two-semester suspensions for violating the school's honor code, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The code forbids — but doesn't clearly define — homosexual conduct.

“I figured as long as I remained chaste the church would welcome me,” Escoto told the Tribune. He was charged last month with the infractions of receiving gifts from other men, visiting gay chat rooms on his personal computer, making out with another man in his apartment and dating at least three different men.

In mid-March Grierson was charged with kissing a man on the BYU campus and holding hands with a man in a local mall. He has since withdrawn from the school.

Both men received letters from BYU offering them the option of withdrawing or taking a suspension during which they would be required to meet with a BYU-approved counselor to ensure that they were not committing “inappropriate same-sex behavior, including but not limited to dating, holding hands, kissing, romantic touching, showering, clubbing, etc., as well as regular association with homosexual men.”

Escoto, whose suspension begins on April 25, had not come out publicly before the honor code charges were brought against him. He did, however tell the Tribune last week, “Yes, I'm gay.”

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