Tell American Crystal Sugar to End the Lockout

This August, American Crystal Sugar locked out more than 1,300 workers in the Midwest in an attempt to break the employees' union. Now the company is risking this year's harvest and the stability of local communities by sacrificing these good jobs to sweeten its corporate profits. Fight back against corporate greed and help American Crystal workers get back to work and get a fair deal.

Please sign our petition to CEO David Berg to urge him to end the lockout.

To: American Crystal Sugar CEO Dave Berg

Sugar workers have always stood shoulder to shoulder with American Crystal Sugar and growers to protect and advance the sugar industry. They worked hard for the sugar program, Farm Bill, and stood up against the North American Free Trade Agreement and many other unfair trade agreements that hurt the sugar beet industry.

Together, the workers, company, and farmers have built the local economy, supported families, and helped communities flourish.

We respectfully urge you to reconsider your take-back plans and let your union workers stay on the job.
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