Chris Niarchos - CRS Racing

Chris Niarchos was once described by a journalist as ‘the most enthusiastic man in British motorsport’. In addition to being the CRS Team Principal he is Chairman of Appco Group, the world’s largest face-to-face advertising group. Appco Group has strategic investments in the energy sector, property, and financial services. The Chairman’s impressive marketing capabilities are now applied to CRS, demonstrated by the team’s impressive sponsorship portfolio.

Chris is not only a business strategist but also a racing driver who competes internationally in a Ferrari 430 GT car. He races under the Greek and Canadian flags as he was born in Toronto to Greek parents. Chris is the 2006 British GT Champion.

CRS Racing takes the crown in Chris Niarchos and Andrew Kirkaldy’s business partnership. With dedication and sportsman spirit, the two sports lovers are taking the team to unexpected heights.