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Auril has joined up with me on my site. She is currently creating a game called "Whorecraft: The Chronicles of Alexstrasza". This game will only be singleplayer while my own game called "Azerothica" will be an online one.

I have already created a logo for her game, you can see it in the game section(it might change its icon later on). Her game will be avaliable at my site, perhaps it will also be released as a standalone edition, which means that you can download and install it on your computer so you do not need to have an internet connection each time, to play it.

If you are intrested in seeing more screenshots, then click >>>here<<<

I have done a few poses with some characters for my own game Azerothica. Enjoy the few screenies =)

Patch Notes
Game version: 0.20.

Main Menu
Options and Development Status are now working as intended.
Grapichs can now be changed within the gameplay.
Volume settings can now be changed within the gameplay.

Pause Menu
Ingame menu has been added. Press F1 to show/hide the ingame menu.
Grapichs can also be changed within this ingame pause menu.
Frames Per Second can be enabled from the ingame pause menu.
Volume can be changed from the ingame pause menu.

Graphical Options
Fullscreen mode can be enabled from both the main menu and the ingame menu. To disable it you can either click the button again or hit ESC.

Water has been updated, it is now more realistic meaning its not only a flat surface now, but it has waves!

Additional Notes
I can not change the fullscreen keyboard shortcut for disabling it. I read on the unity forums they did that to prevent anyone from creating a program that would make people unable to close the fullscreen mode. The standard keybind for all fullscreen modes to be disabled in different appelications such as videoes on YouTube, is ESC. That is why I have binded the ingame pause menu to F1 because that's the only thing I can do about it.

Click here to play!
Lints created a new picture, a lovely human-human futa picture. The link for this new picture is right below, enjoy!
A new dungeon has been created for the Azerothica game, it is only a test so far, many objects has been added to the dungeon and so far it is only for exploring purposes.
New small update of the Azerothica game. However I do find it quite difficult to animate the characters.

First of all I need to learn how to rig a character properly in 3DS Max. After that I have to animate it so it looks fairly smooth, and yet again I need to do many animations, such as run, walk, sideways, jump etc. etc. and not just for one race, but many races.
Site has been fixed and now works with Internet Explorer, sorry for that!
The rest of Ellowas' movies has been added to the site, head over to the movie section to watch them, enjoy!
One of Ellowas' movies has been added to the "Movie" section, you can check it out. I will add more movies in the future, for now this was a test to see if I could get it working as I wanted it, enjoy!
Lints' gallery has been created and is now avaliable. The great animation artist "Ellowas" has joined my site and will have his content in the "movies" section. I have not yet looked into; how to add movies to a site yet. So I will need to look into it to see wether its hard or not, I will give an update soon with an answer if it will be added soon or if it will be added some time in the future, it all depends on how hard it will be to add a proper movie section, I might have to create my own movie player, I dont know yet.
For those wondering about my game, it is not finished yet, or even near to be finished yet. I have only made a bit of level design and the camera system as well as the controller system, at least for moving and jumping.

When you are alone about this kind of a project you have to do a few things on your own which includes:
Level Design
3D modelling
Scripting & Coding
Sound creation

And sometimes like what I am currently focusing on, I have to do things one step a time. First as you have seen I have to make the camera system so you have the ability to rotate around and the camera will focus at the character.

For those who have seen the very first time I posted the game you saw the first camera system which was more or less very basic. Besides making a camera system that rotates around the character, I also had to script the camera to not go through walls and that is a very difficult thing to do, and again people who saw the first camera system know that the old one could go through walls.

After creating the camera system, I now have to focus on that animation part so the character will move its limbs around when a player pushes the different buttons. That is very difficult for me, it requires a ton of scripting and tweaking, but also I have to modify the animation, as because model viewer makes the animations a bit bugged and I have to fix them. I want to try keep the standard wow animations.

I also know there are a few minor bugs at the moment and I will look into those but do keep in mind I am focusing on animation right now, you should not expect it to be fixed anytime soon. That includes the inability to walk on stairs properly. On another note I would also like to point out that I also have to create scripting for the ability to swim. Water in games are no more than a flat surface with some scripting, I know that there is water that has waves and everything like in Crysis from their "Cry Engine" however that water is just scripted to have the flat surface bouncing around randomly. I can create such too with unity but the ability to swim requires scripting as well. The blue wavey'ish thing you see when you dive is a transparent picture that is covering your entire screen so it looks like you are under the water, then it just moves around on your screen in waves which gives this underwater'ish feeling. Again that ability is a thing way into the future.

Just keep in mind I am only one person about this whole project and it is a very huge project, it takes time to create it but I would also like to thank the people who have replied to my thread at "Darknest" saying that it looks good. When knowing that people like it, that makes me greatful and then I know that what I am doing is good. Of course critisism is allowed too, if there is something you do not like you are very welcome to tell me about it and then besides critisism you should also tell me what can / could have been done to make it better. You can find my thread on the darknest forum: "Screenmanipulations" --> "Esidien's Screenmanipulation's"
My part of the gallery has been created, Lints needs to do a bit of work before he can get his gallery up, and currently he is slightly busy but it should be up and ready soon!
**NOTE:** Some people seem to experience problems about browsing my site. Myself I cant even play flash in my "internet explorer" browser. Im actually not sure why because it should work. I do know it works for both google chrome and mozilla firefox. So if you are using "Internet Explorer" and can't see much content on my site, you probably need to go download either of those two browsers.
So it is slowly being updated I am currently doing a bit of beta testing with the gallery part of the site. The "Game" and "Links" section has now been added to the site. It shouldn't look as empty now.