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Big update Thursday 6 October re High Court Case

A joint media release from TransGender Victoria is now attached to this page.

The issue of the moment seems to be the issue of young trans* people.


We suggest these articles and links.   "This paper argues that suspension of puberty is not only not unethical: if it is likely to improve the child’s quality of life and even save his or her life, then it is indeed unethical to defer treatment."

"We don't have any patient who has regretted their decision on the treatment," says Henriette Delemarre-van de Waal of Leiden University Medical Centre who has helped treat them."

 TGV is proud to support the Fair Go sport! program

(be a sporty spice!)

Support IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) which is also very much about stopping transphobia.

Make a tax-deductible donation in time for end of financial year. Go to  or


Send your cheque or money order to PO Box 762 South Melbourne 3205. Please include an email address (as well as other contact details) so we can email your environmentally-friendly receipt.




Our Mission
To achieve justice and equity for all transgender people, including those who identify as cross dressers, those who identify as being transsexual, and all other people with gender-related issues.


Organisation Profile
TransGender Victoria was founded in the late 1990s to address discrimination faced by transgender people in Victoria. We have been successful as a fearless advocate in legislative reform and work with government and community groups in all aspects of human rights for transsexuals and cross-dressers alike.

Our committee represents the diversity of our community by having all subgroups represented. While we don't represent the intersex community, we have a strong relationship with them and therefore have an intersex community liaison representative from the AISSGA.

Organisation Objectives (extract from rules)

3. The primary objective of the Association is to provide benevolent relief to transgender people through establishing and operating a gender centre that directly provides a structured and consistent range of benevolent services to transgender people.


4. To achieve justice and equity for transgender people and their supporters, the Association may also pursue ancillary activities, provided that these activities are consistent with, and are undertaken in support of, the Association's primary objective.


5. For the purposes of carrying out the Association's objects, the Association may:


  1. consult directly with individuals in the transgender community;
  2. provide assistance to transgender people through counselling, mentoring, networking, referrals, and providing medical services and information;
  3. promote understanding of transgender issues among medical and social service providers and, where necessary, to the broader community;
  4. address areas of disadvantage and discrimination against transgender people through providing one-on-one advocacy for transgender people;
  5. act alone or in concert with other persons or organisations in the furtherance of any or all of the objectives of the Association;
  6. do such other things as the Association may consider being necessary and desirable to achieve and advance the objectives of the Association.


6. The assets and income of the Association shall be applied solely in furthering the above-mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the Association except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the Association.


7. For the avoidance of doubt, in any given year, no more than 20% of the Association's assets and income for that year will be devoted to pursuing the ancillary objectives set out in clause 4 above.


8. The Association recognizes Intersex as a separate and distinct group from Transgender, and does not represent nor seek to represent Intersex issues or people, although it endorses co-operation with and support of Intersex groups where appropriate and of potentially mutual benefit.



Becoming a member supports TransGender Victoria in supporting transgender people, their family, friends, partners and others.  This takes place via our referral, representation and other services in ensuring transgender people keep achieving better life outcomes.


It's a small fee ($10/$5) hey, make it bigger with your donation if you like.

Please scroll down for forms.



Contact Information
Support, questions, advocacy, education, etc.
(+613) 9517 6613 (voicemail)
Urgent General Enquiries ONLY*
0403 214 320 (Lauren Christopher)
Urgent Media Enquiries ONLY*
0407 946 242(Sally Goldner, Media Spokesperson)

*NOTE: TGV welcomes genuine enquiries about transgender issues. Please note that we are NOT IN ANY WAY a dating or intimacy service - please look elsewhere for that. Angry or abusive behaviour is totally unacceptable. We are currently unfunded and therefore may need to operate within this constraint.. By contacting TGV you acknowledge that you understand and agree with these conditions.
Postal address
PO Box 762,
South Melbourne, 3205




TGV Committee


The TGV committee for 2008- 2009 is as follows:
Co-convenors:             Brenda Appleton & Lauren Christopher
Treasurer:                     Sally Goldner
Admin. Coordinator:     Sally Goldner (acting)
General Committee:     PJ
Co-Founders:                Kayleen White & Sally Goldner



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