I’m back at school now (and have been since late August) so we’ll just blame my predictable lack of updating on that~ that means, however, that I’m back in my dorm room and have a :star4 new desk :star4 to show off :lobe

It’s actually basically decorated the same as my desk last year, but with some new additions that I picked up this summer. There are also the beginnings of an Lc5/An Cafe corner!!

What’s cuter than Axel with an ice cream cone? :cream2

Alpaca! that’s what. But only by a small amount.

So! Recently I had some time to myself, and I drew some fan art for Lc5. I’ve always liked An Cafe, but after seeing Lc5 live in Shibuya I pretty much fell in love with the band. Miku is adorable of course, but actually Reo might be my favorite! :h

I tweeted it to Miku, Aki, and Sato – not really expecting anything but secretly hoping one of them would confirm that they had received it! :wand Sato tweeted back saying it was “jouzu!” (very talented/good) and I was super happy, to say the least!

And now, since it’s been awhile and I have wayyy too many photos to edit, upload, and post here, I have selected some of my favorites from my Tokyo Disneyland birthday trip :bear

:arr3 That’s my birthday cake!! I was so surprised by it actually, because my friends presented it to me close to midnight the day before my actual birthday. They wanted it to be unexpected, and we had to leave super early the next morning, so they had good timing! It was a delicious midnight treat :cake

Hope you enjoyed looking! :dan And, as always, I have a sales post currently up. If you’re in the mood for shopping you can click here to check it out!

Kind of been putting off blogging for too long now!! I have lots of pictures I want to share, but lately I haven’t been up for writing much :arr2

This past week has been crazy!! On the first we went to Tokyo Disneyland for my birthday. It was so much fun, and I was given a ~special sticker~ for my birthday. Whenever any of the Disney staff caught sight of the sticker they’d stop me and wish me “happy birthday” or “otanjoubi omedetou!” :star I have tonsss of pictures from that day though, plus some from The Lockup in Shibuya and some from Ikebukuro and Fuji-Q Highland (round 2). Still need to resize them though so I’ll blog about it in my next update (which will hopefully come sooner rather than later)! :prsnt

Yesterday spent half the day in Harajuku and half in Disney Sea. I really want to go back to Disney Sea for a whole day though since we didn’t get to see hardly any of it. But tickets are discounted after five o’clock :wand

Found ichigo flavored popcorn! Disney Sea and Land have lots of interesting flavors of popcorn.. ichigo, soy sauce and butter, honey, curry, black pepper, sea salt and more.

We were still able to ride the Indiana Jones ride though, and the Tower of Terror. And we saw the Fantasmic show :star4 There are still sooo many more places I want to go in Disney Sea though!!

I took some touristy photos in Harajuku yesterday as well. Usually I can’t be bothered to stop for photos since I mostly just go as sort of “work” now, but I decided I would take some yesterday since I went with a friend.

It was super busy yesterday!! Granted, it was a Saturday, but I usually only go on weekdays so I’m not used to such a busy Harajuku anymore!

You can see the sign for Closet Child at this point~

Aaand there it is!

The shop was busy, so the staff didn’t notice as I snapped some pictures inside as well ( bad, bad I know :blush )

Even an outfit shot ahaha~
with my new Wonder Party dress!! :h I remember trying to reserve this exact dress back when the series was being released. I wasn’t able to get it back then, so when I saw it in CC I pounced on it :berry

Got crepes in Harajuku as well, though mine was mostly cream :mam those strawberries on top, and one in the bottom, were the only ones in the entire thing! Definitely not as pictured in the shop ad haha

And ended the day by rushing to catch our trains (we caught the two very last trains home) and one happened to be a Doraemon train. I’m not a huge fan of him, but it was still pretty cute! :bear

And lastly some up close photos of my coordinate for the day! :tea

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This past weekend was my friend (and current roommate)’s birthday, so Friday through Sunday were packed with fun things! On Thursday, I baked a two layer red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in our tiny toaster oven and packed it away in a cake box in the fridge until its surprise debut on Saturday :cake It turned out really… colorful!

Friday was spent at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park! :star2 Luckily it was a weekday and so it wasn’t swamped with people. And the weather was pretty nice, though it did rain a bit. But we were able to ride all of the big rides like Fujiyama coaster, Dodonpa, and Eejanaika.

There is also an Evangelion museum at the park. And, although I’ve never watched it, it was still fun to wander around in! They had lots of interesting photo op spots throughout the place.

They had an area with a desk sitting in the middle of the room, and apparently a character from the series poses like this pretty often? The photo below resulted~

And now for ~cute food shot time~ :cream2 It’s white peach flavoured, so yummy! Started eating it before I could even get a shot haha~

On Sunday we grabbed sushi for lunch and drove to Odaiba, which is a little amusement park and shopping area near Tokyo Bay.

:arr3 This is photographic evidence of the best salmon sushi I’ve ever eaten ♥ :arr3

Odaiba is a really cute place, and there are so many places to walk around and shop!! :fla2 It’s a popular dating spot, and I can see why~~

Changing subjects, I finally caved and bought one of those cute tea party 2 way clips I’m always tempted by at Closet Child :tea I attached it to Vanilla-chan and I think it looks pretty cute! :wand

Also have a sort-of outfit shot that I’ve been meaning to post for awhile! :can The shy bear bracelet in the photo is actually for sale, but the wristcuffs have already been sold.

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Oh and, before I go, Closet Child has started updating with lots of things again! If you haven’t checked out the blogs for awhile :arrow go go go!!

For some reason, I’ve started to really love toned down sweet styles like Emily Temple Cute :can

I think it’s become my new favorite brand, and seems to be relatively popular here in Japan, but it seems really underrated internationally! I can understand that though, I used to think it was too simple for my taste. But actually now I think it’s a perfect mix of wearable and cute. :wand

I have a grand total of three dresses so far~ the shortcake one above was the priciest of the bunch :cake but ETC seems pretty affordable as long as you stick to second hand/lightly used (in my case, Closet Child!). Otherwise it can be just as expensive as, or even more expensive than well known lolita brands.

Last weekend myself and some friends took the train down to Yokohama bay to visit the Chinatown there and walk around the park :rose It was a really fun day with lots of good sights and food!

I managed to grab another traveling Rilakkuma strap from the China town. There are themed Rilakkuma straps for lots of tourist destinations in Japan, I hope to collect them all one day :lobe The one I bought has a mini steamed bun with it. The real ones are delicious, and for sale all over!

Panda steamed buns were delicious :coo kiiiind of looked like you were eating it’s brains though, after a couple bites…

Kuro goma (black sesame) ice cream was also super tasty!! I was going to get sakura flavor, but they were out, and this looked interesting so~

While we were walking through the park we spotted people bent over a patch of clovers. I noticed one of the girls had managed to find a four leaf clover, and I’ve always wanted to find one, so we stopped for a bit as well. About a minute later I had found one too! It’s now laminated and comes with me everywhere :h3

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset ♥

I’ve been here for three weeks already, but it still feels like I’ve only just arrived. I’ve been shopping like crazy three to four times a week for my shopping service, but it’s been great so far! Managing everything was a little difficult at first but I think I’ve got the hang of it now :star

I spend a lot of time in Harajuku, so it’s there that I have come to love a little cafe called Caffe Solare on Takeshita Dori. I stop in there about once a week to treat myself to something and rest my feet a bit. I think I like it so much because they have really interesting and tasty lunches/meals, as well as cute and satisfying desserts and coffee! And the second floor has seating that overlooks Takeshita Dori so you can people-watch quite nicely :blush Also, it was one of the first cafes I stopped at when I very first came to Japan back in August of last year, so it holds memories for me!

Yummy rice bowl with onion, octopus, nori shreds, okura, and salmon sashimi. Sooo good :!!

Cute and yummy tiramisu. Treated myself to this, and only this, on a day I was craving sweets :dou2

I’ve also discovered that I really really like mori style brands like Wonder Rocket, and since then I’ve stopped in at their shop in Harajuku quite often! I love the decor, and the shop staff are always very friendly. I’ve put together a couple coordinates, so prepare for a photo dump in 3, 2, 1.. :wand

Dress and top from Wonder Rocket
Skirt from Axes Femme
Hair ribbon, necklace, and rose clips from Paris Kids
Shoes from No Fall
Bag offbrand
Bag charm from Liz Lisa

Detail shot

Shoesss :shoe

Outfit #2

Detail up~

The shoes and bag were only about 2,000yen each! And they’re so useful/versatile too :arr3 It’s been fun getting to find good deals for really cute clothing. They seem to be everywhere if you just look.

I’m afraid that’s all for now, but I hope to start putting up street snaps from Harajuku and Shibuya soon. Just need to start remembering to bring my camera along, and actually take pictures! I always get caught up enjoying the moment and never remember to photograph it :oni

Ah and before I go, just a reminder that my shopping service is up and available for the Tokyo area including Closet Child Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro!

You can find the Closet Child blogs here:
CC Harajuku blog
CC Shinjuku blog
CC Ikebukuro blog

They update everyday with new items!

& I have LOTS of lolita items for sale! Click here or the image below ~ :arr2

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