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  • Capacity building grants available to park and trail groups
  • TrailFinder Trail of the month: The Sissy Danforth Rivergate Trail
  • Greater drilling protections for Allegany State Park
  • Ensure outdoor recreation is part of NY's economic future

You Gotta Have Friends: a newsletter for Friends of the NYS Park System

Annual Report/ GreenSpace

Trail Times

Dates set for 2012 Bike Tours
Cycling the
Erie Canal
July 8-15, 2012
Great Hudson
Valley Pedal
July 31 - August 5, 2012


Protect Their Future:
New York's State
Parks in Crisis

The NYS Park System:
An Economic Asset
to the Empire State

Closing the Gaps: A Progress Report on the
Erie Canalway Trail

Canalway Trail User Count

Capacity building grants available
for park and trail group

Appy by November 16

Join the Parks & Trails Party!
Say “thank you” to a group of pioneer activist environmental lawyers.
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Recreation and Economic Development – Making the Connection

Park and trail advocates can play an important role in ensuring that the link between economic development and recreation is heard by Governor Cuomo’s new Regional Economic Development Councils. Get involved.

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Report proposes dedicated funding
stream to save state park system

A report from Parks & Trails New York and the
Alliance for New York State Parks depicts a state park system
in peril and puts forward a three-fold plan of action to protect
and revitalize New York’s parks and historic sites.

Recommended actions include strategic increases to the parks
operating and capital budgets and permanent state parks funding
through a new dedicated funding stream. 

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Mohawk Valley could cash in on bicycle tourism
Read a newspaper account of our latest Bicyclists Bring Business roundtable.

Making the Case for America’s State Parks
View PTNY’s presentation on “Making the Case for America’s State Parks” given at the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference in Buffalo in October.

Trail plans in Copenhagen proceed

Read about one of the trail projects PTNY is working on as part of our Healthy Trails, Healthy People program.

Finger Lakes Trails and Greenways Conference
Conference presentations are now available on our website.  Check out the conference photos on Flicker.

NYS Revolutionary War site considered for national park
A proposal is afoot to create a Newtown Battlefield National Park in the southern tier.  PTNY comments on the idea in this article

Closing the Gaps in the Canalway Trail
Our Campaign to Close the Gaps in the Erie Canalway Trail is gaining momentum.  Read an article about efforts in the Mohawk Valley.

State parks wither as funds dry up

An article that ran in several NYS newspapers highlights the more than $1 billion in capital needs at New York’s state parks and historic sites.  One of several PTNY quotes in the article: "People feel very strongly that parks are a good use of their tax money. Government can't be let off the hook.”