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Pre-columbian Jade
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Ancient American Jade &
Polished Stones

Jadeite was the most precious of all materials in the eyes of the Pre-Columbian peoples throughout Ancient America. Jadeite and similar greenstones were worked into a wide variety of items worn as emblems of social and political power. One of the most common forms was the so-called ax god pendant, which was suspended from a cord around the neck. The name "ax god" comes from the form of the pendant, which replicates the shape of the traditional stone chopping tool (or axe). Some represent human-like supernatural beings. It is also possible that it represents a shaman who has transformed himself into a supernatural being.

The Prehispanic Jade
& Polished Stone Exhibition

Select one of our virtual collections of jade and other minerals (including onyx, and other polished stones)

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Mesoamerica Information »

Featuring Jade from the Maya, Aztec, Olmec, and others - or select by individual culture below

Mosaic mask of Quetzalcoatl Jade / Turquoise & Other Stone Mosaics Exhibit »

Featuring Jade, Turquoise, and other stone mosaic pieces from the Maya, Aztec/Mixtec, and South American cultures

Olmec Jade Pectoral Olmec Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Mexico

Maya Jade  & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

Aztec / Mixtec Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Mexico

Other Mexican Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Colima, Guerrero, Huastec, Izapa, Mezcala (Mexcala), Tarascan, Xochipala, and Zapotec cultures of Central Mexico

Teotihuacán Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Mexico

Veracruz Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Mexico

Upper Central America Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

Intermediate - Lower Central America & Caribbean
Click to zoom Costa Rican Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Costa Rica, Central America

Nicaragua & Panama Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

From Nicaragua & Panama

Caribbean Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit

From Taino & Other Cultures Of the Caribbean

Important Note:  These images are presented for educational & scholarly purposes.  It is presented as a comparative analysis of jade and polished stone styles from various regions of the Americas, providing a tool for students and collectors alike.  However, these artifacts are not presented for sale.  While some pieces shown here are in the hands of private art and antiquities dealers - we do not condone the sale of such pieces since most have been obtained through the looting of archaeological sites, or other unlawful means. 
South America
Colombian Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

Featuring the Colombian Cultures of the Nariño, Sinu, and Tairona

Valdivia figures, group Ecuador Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit »

Featuring the Ecuadorian Cultures of Chorrera, Mayo Chinchipe, Proa, Tolito, Valdivia

Peru Jade Turquoise & Polished Stone Exhibit »

Featuring the Peruvian Cultures of Huari (Wari), Chavin, Chincha/Ica, Cupisnique, Moche (Mochica), Inca (Inka), Nazca (Nasca), Sican

The South American Jade & Polished Stone Exhibition »

Featuring Jade, Turquoise, and other stone objects from South American Cultures of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru

North America
North America Turquoise Jade & Polished Stone Exhibit

Featuring the North American Cultures of the Archaic Period, the Anasazi/Puebloan, and the Inuit

Featuring Jade from Costa Rica, Mesoamerica and South American Cultures Including Maya, Aztec, Inca, Costa Rica, Panama, and many more!
presented by Dr. Tim McGuinness & McGuinnessPublishing

Figure-and-Birds Pendant Aztec Mask of Coyolxauhqui. Jadeite

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