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  • New release zebra-0.95a is out
    New release zebra-0.95a is on Zebra ftp site.

    Changes in zebra
    • IDRP support is added.
    Changes in bgpd
    • BGP graceful restart support is added.
    • TCP MD5 authentication for OpenBSD was added.
    • TCP MD5 authentication for Linux with TCP MD5 patch (this is for Linux-2.6.19 and older).
    • "bgp enforce-first-as" command was enabled by default.
    • route-map "match ip route-source" command was added.
    • BGP cost community support is added.
    • route-map "set extcommunity cost igp" command was added.
    • "neighbor passive" command is changed to "neighbor tranport connection-mode (passive|active)"
    • Fix typo in "show bgp community-list (<1-500>|WORD) exact-match".
    • Old commands "show ipv6 summary" and "show ipv6 mbgp summary" are removed.
    • "show version bgp" is added
    Chages in ospfd
    • Fix problem os OpenBSD-3.4 IP header length treatment.
    Changes in ospf6d
    • Replaced entire module as new OSPF6d code written by Yasuhiro Ohara.
    Changes in vtysh
    • Many bugs and problems are fixed. All of user of vtysh before zebra-0.94 should update to this version.
    New release zebra-0.94 is out
    New release zebra-0.94 is on Zebra ftp site.

    Changes in zebra
    • Do not listen other process's netlink message.
    Changes in bgpd
    • "bgp log-neighbor-changes" is added.
    • "set ip next-hop peer-address" is added.
    • Community delete bug is fixed.
    • Fix bug of router-id display
    • Option parameter length bug is fixed.
    Chages in ospfd
    • Point-to-Multipoint support.
    • OSPF MD5 authentication bug is fixed.
    • OSPF NSSA bug is fixed.
    • NSM event schedule bug is fixed.
    • Update Opaque LSA patch.
    • When write queue becomes empty stop write timer.
    Changes in ospf6d
      Update to the latest Ohara's code.
    • DR election bug is fixed.
    • Update link-local address on interface creation
    Changes in vtysh
    • Update for IPv6 handling
    • Make all protocol DEFUN/ALIAS consistent
    Changes in lib
    • Fix route-map problem
    • Fix vty bug cause daemon crash.

    Copyright (C) 2003 IP Infusion Inc. Powered by Zebra