Focusing on requirement features of governmental procurement,ZXAUTO won 264 units of Police Order
  China-made pickup being known for Libyan War
  Pioneer in Pickup Industry — An Interview to ZXAUTO Vice President by PC auto
  ZX AUTO made its full-dress presence in 109th Canton Fair
  2250 units GRANDTIGER pickups rolled into Middle East market in January 2011
  A groundbreaking ceremony was held by ZX auto for its new passenger car production base
  Grandtiger won dual champions in Iran in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction
  Window of Middle East and Africa countries —— Congratulations on the new opening of ZX AUTO Showroom in Dubai
  Grand Tiger launched in Doha market, Qatar
  ZXAUTO launches to New Caledonia market
  ZX Auto Cares: Brunei Customer Care
  Xishuangbanna: Tour of Honor-ZX Auto Visits Borders
  ZXAuto First Choice of the Laos
  ZXAUTO launches into Algeria market with a great success
  Zxauto landed in Nepal
  500 Grand Tiger exports into Burma to open up the "New World"
  ZXAUTO exports 5,000 pickups to Libya
  Autumn is the harvest time—ZXAUTO Shines on C&S America AUTO Show
  Original car wins the silver medal Landmark is shining in the Desert Race
  ZXAUTO shows sparkle in C&S America again
  ZXAUTO showed up in the Moscow International Auto Show
  ZXAUTO and ChangLing joint sedan factory has been established successfully
  The first Chinese SUV brand settle in the biggest market of North Africa
  Delivery Landmark to Hebei Public Security Bureau
  Delivery Ceremony of ZXAUTO Grand Tiger Pick-ups to HaiNan Traffic Bureau as Construction Vehicle
  2008 Dongchuan Mud-rock flow autocross racing,ZXAUTO Performances Prominently
  ZXAUTO is popular in Panama
  ZXAUTO set foot in Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands
  Want to do something successfully, sharp its tool firstly
  Cornerstone of ZXAUTO KD plant in Jordan
  ZXAUTO in Detroit Auto Show ZXAUTO are expected to arrive in North America in late 2008

Hero in the Desert

  Jordan King amazing with ZXAUTO boosting up
  In the"Apple City",ZXAUTO presents--2007 Alma-Ata International Auto Show
  ZXAUTO Unveils Grand Tiger™ & The Landmark™ at Moscow International Auto Show
  We are on our way to the U.S.

In the beginning of 2011, ZX auto, continuing strong momentum of exportation growth of 2010, got good news once again: In January, 2250 units GRANDTIGER high-end pickups were exported to Middle East market in batch, setting a new export record in this regional market among Chinese self-owned auto brands in terms of volume of single batch, which marks a great starting for 2011 market exploration and further consolidates the leading place in Chinese auto export field.

Integrating superior resources in domestic and abroad, ZX auto cooperated with world-renowned leading research institutes and developed this exquisite model as GRANDTIGER pickup, defining an all-new Paradigm for domestic pickup field and successfully takes the lead in development trend of Chinese autonomous pickup brands. While in abroad, GRANDTIGER is also the best-seller model of ZX auto due to its strong adaptability under different conditions worldwide: 6000 units were exported to Libya in a single batch in 2009, creating the export record of overall Chinese auto industry so far; In Iran, realizing production of indigenization, GRANDTIGER makes itself into top list of commercial vehicles locally sold.

ZX auto has shifted the market developing mode of overseas market from simple once-sale to developing market in multi-dimensionality. Localization production strategy will be accelerated to carry out, speeding up Mexico and Malaysia projects, and is scheduled to be among the top commercial vehicle companies in the world by 2015.