Enigma machines - known locations*


s/n & other  marks




Remarks & references

Army/GAF + A16991/jla/43 BP A-Z 1 QWERTZU BP exhibit
Army/GAF A16992/jla/43 BP 1-26 2 QWERTZU BP archive
M3 M1322 BP A-Z 3 A-Z/1-26 BP 'hands-on' exhibit
M4 M15946/aye/44 BP A-Z 12 Q-L/17-12 BP exhibit 11
Abwehr G312 BP A-Z n/a BP exhibit 21
M4 M3097 Warsaw 10 [ex BP] A-Z 4 1-26 'numbers' keyboard
M3 M1443 GCHQ 84 A-Z ?
Tirpitz # T249 GCHQ A-Z 28 n/a
M4 M4440 GCHQ A-Z
M4 18321/aye/44  Na 220 900 private collector A-Z France
M3 M2114 BSI 43 1-26 9 A-Z/1-26 'numbers' keyboard
Army/GAF A19723/jla/45 BSI ? ? |Sources; Michael van der Meulen 7
Army/GAF A17077/jla/44 BSI ? ? |and Heinz Ulbricht 7
Army/GAF A12795 BSI ? ? |
Army/GAF A6375 NSA/NCM 1-26 Q-L/17-12
M4 M18171 NSA/NCM A-Z 1-26
M4 M16692/aye/44 NSA/NCM A-Z 65 1-26 Printing attachment
Army/GAF 01883/bac/44E NSA/NCM 1-26 QWERTZU metal case
Army/GAF B207 NSA/NCM 1-26 81 Q-L/17-12 1937
Army/GAF 00017/bac/42E NSA/NCM 1-26 QWERTZU no case
Army/GAF A11769 NSA/NCM 1-26 82 QWERTZU no case: 1941
Tirpitz T209 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Tirpitz T216 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Tirpitz T259 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Tirpitz T314 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Abwehr G??? NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Commercial A1214 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a
Commercial K470 NSA/NCM A-Z n/a Commercial Enigma K 70
Army/GAF A4086 ? 1-26 Q-L/17-12 |These four machines are
Army/GAF A4549 ? 1-26 Q-L/17-12 |featured in a videotape5
Army/GAF A17119  S 17119/jla/43 ? 1-26 QWERTZU |where ownership is ascribed
Army/GAF A20155  A 20155/jla/44 ? 1-26 QWERTZU |to Elliot Riggs - USA (?)
Army/GAF A6421 1937 Sci. Mus. A-Z QWERTZU see Codebreakers pp.138/9
Army/GAF A021976/bac/44e Deu. Mus. 1-26 QWERTZU 1944:  metal case
Army/GAF A2178K Deu. Mus. 1938
M4 M7972 Deu. Mus. A-Z 1-26 1944
Army/GAF A18572/jla/44 private collector 1-26 27 QWERTZU Canada
Swiss 'K' K797 private collector A-Z 6 n/a (1940): USA
Swiss 'K' K798

private collector


n/a (1940): Canada
Swiss 'K' K765 22



n/a 'Station X' machine
Army/GAF A9120 Smithsonian QWERTZU 1936
M4 M5853/jla/43 Smithsonian A-Z 1-26 'numbers' keyboard
Army/GAF A8907 RAF Signals 1-26 QWERTZU 1938: RAF Cosford, UK 59
Army/GAF A13372/jla/41 Royal Signals A-Z8 QWERTZU Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK
M4 M7027/jla/43 private collector A-Z 1-26 Holland
Army/GAF A2375 IWM 1-26 QWERTZU wheels: A2194, A1807(2)
M4 M15132 IWM see note 71
Polish replica A13 Sikorski A-Z A-Z wheels marked A [I-V]
Army/GAF A474 RAF 1-26 Q-L/17-12 RAF Hendon
Army/GAF A13364 private collector 1-26 14 QWERTZU USA
'Norway' 23 A13526/jla/41 private collector 1-26 15 Q-L/17-12 USA
M4 M7772/jla/44 private collector A-Z 16 1-26 USA
M4 M3359 FMU A-Z 1-26 Machine locked - no wheel info.
M4 M5651/jla/43 FMU A-Z 17 1-26 Printing attachment: 'numbers' k/b
M4 M18305/aye/44 Na 220 900 FMU A-Z 18 1-26 Fitted with extension lampboard
Army/GAF 01713/bac/44E FMU 1-26 19 QWERTZU metal case
Army/GAF A9922 FMU 1-26 20 QWERTZU with  'Uhr' box, Werk Nr. 975
Army/GAF A01077/bac/43E FMU 60 1-26 QWERTZU metal case
'Norway' A3356 G private collector 1-26 24 Q-L/17-12 Norway
Army/GAF A14362/jla/42 MNZ 1-26 26 Ljubljana, Slovenia
M4 M5846/jla/43 private collector A-Z 1-26 'numbers' keyboard: UK
Army/GAF A02039/bac/44E private collector none QWERTZU UKW 'B' installed: metal case: UK
Army/GAF A11011 private collector ? ? (1940) UK - Channel Islands 7
Army/GAF A12370 private collector ? ? (1941) UK - Channel Islands 7
Commercial A799 MWP A-Z n/a
Army/GAF A16395/jla/43 MWP 1-26 ? UKW 'B' installed
Army/GAF A12405 MDI 1-26 29 QWERTZU (1941): UKW 'B' installed
Army/GAF A12593 FFHE 1-26 45 QWERTZU all FFHE machines 7
Army/GAF A02525/bac/45E FFHE 1-26 QWERTZU metal case
M4 M17143/aye/44 MOS A-Z 1-26 all MOS machines 7
M3 M2272 MOS A-Z/1-26 ''numbers keyboard'
M4 M3571 MOS A-Z 1-26 'numbers keyboard'
Army/GAF ???? [removed] BWB 1-26 58 Q-L/17-12
Army/GAF A1938 BWB 1-26
Army/GAF A13530 OBIG 1-26 46 all OBIG machines 7
Army/GAF A12365 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A12452 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A4955 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A7355 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A12274 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A12269 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A12267 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A13365 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A13525 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A18638/jla/44 OBIG 1-26 47
Army/GAF A13954/jla/42 OBIG 1-26 48
Army/GAF A01379/bac/44E OBIG 1-26 49
Army/GAF A12783/jla/41 OBIG 1-26 50
Army/GAF A01192/bac/44E OBIG 1-26 51
Army/GAF A17246 S OBIG 1-26 52
Army/GAF A01093/bac/43E OBIG 1-26 53
Army/GAF A15949/jla/43 OBIG 1-26 54
Army/GAF A02377/bac/45E OBIG 1-26 55
Army/GAF A20519/jla/44 OBIG 1-26 56
Army/GAF A5256 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A9990 OBIG 1-26 57
Army/GAF A1274 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF A15908/jla/43 OBIG 1-26
Army/GAF 2229 private collector A-Z 37 QWERTZU UK
M4 M16298 private collector A-Z 32 1-26 USA
Swiss 'K' K838 private collector A-Z 33 n/a USA
Army/GAF A20531/jla/44 7, 44 private collector 1-26 QWERTZU Denmark
Army/GAF A12431 private collector A-Z 41 QWERTZU USA
M4 M18196/aye/44 Na 220 900 private collector A-Z 1-26 Denmark
M4 M15653/aye/44 RNFS A-Z 63 Q-L/17-12
Army/GAF A8456 private collector 1-26 61 QWERTZU UK
Army/GAF A18807/jla/44 private collector 1-26 62 QWERTZU UK
'Norway' A1206 private collector 1-26 ? UK 64
Army/GAF A5606 private collector  1-26 42 QWERTZU (1936): UK
Army/GAF A6551 private collector 1-26 34 QWERTZU UK
M4 M10297/gvx/44 private collector A-Z 67 1-26 UK
M4 M7961/jla/44 Na 220 900 Mar. Mus. A-Z 1-26
Army/GAF A16701 TTI 1-26 68 QWERTZU Wooden case from A4727
Army/GAF A01985/bac/44E private collector 1-26 66 QWERTZU USA: metal case
Army/GAF A10360 private collector 1-26 QWERTZU USA: wooden case not original
M4 M10292/gvx/44 private collector A-Z 1-26 USA 72
M4 M2862 private collector A-Z 104 1-26 USA:  very early M4
M3 M897 73 FOL A-Z Q-L/17-12
M3 M1146 FOL A-Z 74 A-Z/1-26
Army/GAF A01277/bac/44E OAW 1-26 75 QWERTZU metal case
Army/GAF A7756 OAW 7 ? ? 1937
Army/GAF ???? private collector 1-26 35 QWERTZU UK: wooden case not original
Army/GAF A10894 GAM 1-26 76 QWERTZU Norway: 1940
M4 M2946 GAM A-Z 1-26 |see U-85 note 77
M4 M3131 private collector A-Z 1-26 |recovered in August 2002
Commercial K932 private collector 1-26 78 n/a Germany
Army/GAF A4820 private collector 1-26 79 QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A20662/jla/44 80 PHM 1-26 QWERTZU
M4 M18318/aye/44 private collector A-Z 1-26 USA
Army/GAF A20567/jla/44 83 private collector 1-26 QWERTZU Holland
Swiss 'K' K762 private collector A-Z n/a Switzerland 85
Army/GAF A02075/bac/44E ISM 1-26 QWERTZU metal case
Army/GAF A1690 DTM 1-26 QWERTZU circa 1938
Army/GAF A01232/bac/44E HNF 1-26 87 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A2621 private collector 95 1-26 88 Q-L/17-12 ??: circa 1937
Army/GAF A6345 private collector 1-26 89 Q-L/17-12 US: 1937
Army/GAF A12760/jla/41 private collector 1-26 90 QWERTZU USA
Abwehr G213 AIVD A-Z 91 n/a |private museum of AIVD:
Abwehr G128 AIVD A-Z 92 n/a |the Dutch Security Service
Abwehr G??? AIVD A-Z n/a |in Den Haag, Netherlands
Army/GAF A13852/jla/42 private collector 1-26 93 QWERTZU NL
Army/GAF A19615 94 private collector A-Z QWERTZU Denmark
Army/GAF? A726 private collector none QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A13486/jla/41 private collector 1-26 107 QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A18495 private collector 1-26 97 Q-L/17-12 Germany
Army/GAF A18266/jla/44 private collector 1-26 98 QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A17483/jla/43 NSGCD 1-26 99 QWERTZU
Tirpitz T46 NSGCD A-Z 100 n/a
Tirpitz T257 NSGCD A-Z n/a
Army/GAF A2142 private collector 1-26/A-Z 101 QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A16501/jla/43 private collector 1-26 102 QWERTZU France: metal case
Army/GAF A01257/bac/44E MDC 1-26 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A19734 MDC 1-26 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A20584 MDC 1-26 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A1436 USNA 103 1-26 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A6341 HEM 103 1-26 Q-l/17-12 1937
Army/GAF A5846 CIA 1-26 Q-1/17-12 1936
Army/GAF A13529 CIA 1-26 105 QWERTZU
Army/GAF A13368/jla/41 private collector 1-26 106 QWERTZU Austria
M4 M18370/aye/45 Na 220 900 private collector A-Z 108 1-26 USA
M4 M18340/aye/45 Na 220 900 private collector A-Z 109 1-26 Netherlands
Army/GAF A8081 private collector 1-26 110 QWERTZU UK
Abwehr G202 MDH A-Z n/a | Source Hans Vermeylen 7
Abwehr G204 MDH A-Z n/a |
Abwehr G216 MDH A-Z n/a |
Abwehr G217 MDH A-Z n/a |
Abwehr G202 MDH A-Z n/a |
Abwehr G?15 NSA(A) A-Z n/a |
Tirpitz T181 private collector A-Z n/a USA
Army/GAF A16775 private coillector 1-26 111 QWERTZU USA
Army/GAF A1487 private collector 1-26 112 QWERTZU Sweden
Army/GAF A1479 CMA 103 1-26 ?
Army/GAF A1593 private collector 1-26 QWERTZU Italy
M4 M16136/aye/44 private collector A-Z 1-26 Netherlands
Army/GAF A4229 private collector 1-26 113 QWERTZU Norway
Army/GAF A14555 private collector 1-26 114 QWERTZU UK
Army/GAF A12428 private collector 1-26 115 QWERTZU US
M4 M5646 NRKK A-Z 1-26 'numbers' keyboard'
M4 M16744 7, 38 London 1994 A-Z 1-26 |a number of machines have
Army/GAF A6327 1937 7 London 1995 1-26 QWERTZU |appeared at auction or private
M4 16683/aye/44 7,39 London 1996 A-Z 1-26 |sale and are presumed sold but
Army/GAF A10820 7 London 1996 1-26 |current location unknown 40
Army/GAF A18750/jla/44 auction USA 1-26 January 1999
M4 M18360/aye/45 auction USA 1-26 1-26 September. 2000 30
Army/GAF A16694/jla/43 auction USA 1-26 QWERTZU October 2000 31
Commercial A801 auction London A-Z n/a Christies: 12 April 2001
Army/GAF A18420/jla/44 auction K�ln 1-26 36 QWERTZU Breker: 1 December 2001: no case
M4 M15119 private sale Norway A-Z 86 1-26 August 2002
Army/GAF A9949 auction USA ? ? July 2003: 1938 model
Army/GAF A5228 eBay March 2004 none Q-L/17-12 (1937?): USA


AIVD = Algemene Inlichtingen en Veilheidsdienst, Den Haag, NL
BP = Bletchley Park, UK: all information courtesy Tony Sale and John Gallehawk
BSI = Bundesamt f�r Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, Bonn, DE. Curator Dr. Frank Niedermeyer
BWB = Bundesamt f�r Beschaffung und Wehrtechnik, Trier, DE: all information courtesy Heinz Ulbricht
CIA = Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, VA, USA: information courtesy Toni Hiley, Curator 
CMA = Computer Museum of America, San Diego, CA, USA 
Deu. Mus. = Deutsches Museum, Munich, DE
DTM = Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin, DE: information courtesy Rudolf J. Ritter
FFHE = Fernmeldeschule und Fachschule des Heeres f�r Elektronic, Feldafing, DE: all information courtesy Heinz Ulbricht
FMU = Forsvarsmuseet, Oslo, NO - Trandum annex
25: all information courtesy Major Reidar Olsen, Curator
FOL = Foreign Office, London: all information courtesy of  Chris Webb
GAM = Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, Hatteras, NC, USA
GCHQ = Government Communications Headquarters, Cheltenham, UK
HEM = Historical Electronics Museum, Linthicum, MD, USA
HNF = Heinz Nixdorf Museums Forum GmbH, Paderborn, DE: information courtesy Rudolf   J. Ritter
ISM = International Spy Museum, Washington DC, USA
IWM = Imperial War Museum, London, UK: all information courtesy Dr. J. R. Bullen, Curator
KMLK = Koninklijk Museum van het Leger en de Krijgsgeschiedenis, Brussel, BE: information courtesy Dirk Rijmenants
Mar. Mus. = Mariners Museum, Hampton, VA, USA: information courtesy Wes Freeman
MDC = Mus�e du Chiffre, Rennes, FR: informatiom courtesy M. Jean-Francois Bothorel
MDH = Marinemuseum Den Helder, Den Helder, NL: information courtesy Hans Vermeylen
MDI = Museum of Defence Intelligence, Chicksands, UK: all information courtesy Col. John Woolmer, Curator
MNZ = Muzej Novejse Zgodovine, Ljubljana, SI: all information courtesy Ivo Vranicar, Curator
MOS = Marineoperationsschule, Bremerhaven, DE: information courtesy Heinz Ulbricht 96
MWP = Muzeum Wojska Polskiego, Warsaw, PL: all information courtesy Zdzislaw Zajdler via John Gallehawk
NMMH = National Museum of Military History, Diekirch, LU: information courtesy Dirk Rijmenants
NRKK = Nordland R�de Kors Krigsminnemuseum, Narvik, NO: information courtesy Heinz Ulbricht
NSA/NCM = National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade, MD, USA:  information courtesy Jack Ingram, Curator
NSA(A) = Nederland Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL: information courtesy Hans Vermeylen 
NSGCD = Naval Security Group Command Display, Pensacola, FL, USA: information courtesy Capt. George McGinnis USN
OAW = Openluchtmuseum Atlantikwall, Ostend, BE: information courtesy Alex Deseyne, Curator
OBIG = Republik �sterreich Bundesministerium f�r Inneres Generaldirection f�r die �ffentliche Sicherheit, Wien, AU: courtesy Heinz Ulbricht
PHM = Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia.
RAF = Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, UK: all information courtesy Ewan Cameron, Curator
RNFS = Royal Naval Flagship Museum, Portsmouth, UK: all information courtesy Richard Noyce, Curator
Sci. Mus. = Science Museum, London, UK
Sikorski = Sikorski Museum, London, UK: all information via John Gallehawk
Smithsonian = Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA
TTI = Tidewater Technical Institute, Virginia Beach, VA, USA: information courtesy Gerald Yagen
USNA = United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD: information coutesy Dr. Scott Harmon

*   This list has taken several years to compile and while the data were valid at the time of entry, changes in location and ownership may
     have occurred since that time. Additionally, I know of a number of machines whose owners have asked be excluded from this list - if
     you are looking for information on a particular serial number or Enigma variant which is not listed please contact me by email.
 + The Army/GAF machine is the 'standard', 3-wheel version used by the German Army and Air Force.
# 'TIRPITZ' was the code name assigned by Bletchley Park to Enigma T - a modified Commercial Enigma K supplied by Germany
    to the Japanese navy. TIRPITZ has eight wheels, each of which has five turnover notches.

  1  wheels are from two different Navy machines - M1332 [VI, VI],   M1322[VIII]:UKW is A16991
  2  wheels are from A18131 [III, V] and A16801 [V]
  3  wheels are from M1332 [II, IV, V]
  4  wheels are from M3887 [I, III, V]; Gamma from M5520
  5  'The German Enigma Cipher Machine'; Collectors' Video Services; 1990 Joe Shray
  6 wheels are from K812
  7 reported - not confirmed
  8 wheels from two different Navy machines: M983 [V & VI],  M867[VII]: Courtesy Maj. R. Pickard (Retd.)
  9 wheels are from A19771 [III & V] and A19811[II]
10 removed from BP exhibit in mid 1999 and returned to GCHQ. M3097 was later presented [September 16, 2000]
     by HRH the Duke of York to Mr. Jerzy Buzek, Prime Minister of Poland

11 replaces M3097 in BP exhibit
12 wheels are from M15700 [II, VI] and M16253 [I]; Beta from M16532; 'Thin' C reflector M5620. 
     M15700 [VI] is non-standard in that, while it contains the wired core of M15700 [VI], it has the
     single-notch ring of an unidentified Wheel III [notch is at ‘D’] - clearly engraved with the number ‘3’.
     Obviously, any Walzenlage which includes this wheel will not provide an output of meaningful
     ciphertext or plaintext.
13 one of six machines built in France in 1940 by the Polish team in exile: it has no s/n but all wheels,
     including the UKW, are engraved 'A' - this machine is, regrettably, not in working condition: [for a
     photograph see 'The Enigma War'; Jozef Garlinski; Scribners; 1980]
14 wheels are A02188 [I], A01512 [II], A01834 [III], 10731 [IV] and 18840 [V]
15 wheels are from A00908, A01400, 0676??
16 wheels are M8264 [ I, II, V], Gamma from M6927, 'Thin' C reflector M18345. Collection also includes an
     unidentified wheel - metal engraved A-Z - with no serial number and non-standard wiring and two Army/GAF
     wheels: A5514 {I, III]
17 wheels are M4060 [II, III, VI and Gamma], 'Thin' C reflector M2856
18 wheels are all M18305 [I, II, III, Beta and 'Thin' B reflector]
19 wheels are A17248 [I, IV], A3273 [V], UKW = B [01713/44E]
20 wheels are A7403 [II], A13530 [IV], A10224 [V], UKW = D [A11391]
21 described in detail, with photographs, in: 'G-312: An Abwehr Enigma', Hamer, D.H., Cryptologia 24(1), January 2000
22 K765 is featured as an illustration in 'Station X' by Michael Smith [Channel 4 Books, 1998] and wrongly captioned
      in early  printings as a navy M4
23 the 'Norway' Enigma is a standard Army/GAF machine, modified for use, post-war, by the Norwegian Special Branch
     [Overvaakingspolitiet] by rewiring of all wheels except the ETW. The recent discovery that A13526/jla/41 has the
     modified wiring suggests that may be other machines listed here as 'Army/GAF' which are in fact  'Norway' Enigmas.
24 wheels are A5760 [I], A16207 [II], A4229 [III], A5846 [IV], A1283 [V]: UKW B
25 the FMU's Trandum annex is not open to the public - access is restricted and by prior arangement only.
26 wheels are A14362 [III, V], A14951 [II]: UKW =  B [A14362]
27 wheels are A18572 [II, IV, V], A00612 [I] and A01263 [III]
28 wheels installed: V, VII, VIII
29 wheels are A12405 [I, II, III]
30 sold on eBay: September 2000
31 sold on eBay: October 2000: wheels are all A16694
32 wheels are all from M5623 [I, III, IV, Gamma and 'thin' C reflector]: metal engraved. The wooden case on this machine
     does not have the usual natural finish but is painted a blue-green previously seen only on Army/GAF Enigmas.
33 wheels are from K524
34 wheels are from A01280 [III], A00984 [IV], A011206 [V]; UKW=B
35 wheels are from A00908, A01400, 0676??
36 wheels are all from A18420 [I, III, IV]; UKW=B. This machine has no wooden case and no Steckers
37 wheels are fom navy machine: M4770 [IV], M4051 [VI], M5746 [VII]
38 lampboard cover is missing, no lamps. Four wheels installed, five spare: A6793 [III], A12771 [IV], A10244 [IV],
     A13947 [V], M4515 [VI], VIII]
39 four wheels installed, six spare
40 information on these four machines courtesy Dr. Mark Baldwin.
41 wheels are M6742 [IV, V, VI]: UKW = B [A15662]
42 wheels are A5606 [III, IV ,V]: UKW = B [A5606]
43 this museum facility has been closed. The collection remains in the keeping of the Bundesamt f�r Sicherheit in der
    Informationstechnik [BSI], Bonn, DE. Curator Dr. Frank Niedermeyer.
44 this machine has a number of features that are hard to explain, including metalwork which appears original but is
     painted  beige and has a non standard electrical source switch. Wheels are II, V and V indexed to the machine:
     UKW = B. Information  courtesy of Henrik Christiansen.
45 wheels are A12595 [I-V]: UKW = B
46 all  OBIG machines have wheels I-V keyed to machine's s/n except where noted below [47-57]
47 wheels are A15949 [I], A18638 [II], A3723 [III], A2741 [IV], A18638 [V]
48 wheels are A3723 [I], A13699 [II], A14625 [III], A2516 [IV], A6793 [V]
49 wheels are A10820 [I], A7881 [II], A5846 [III, A13038 [IV, V]
50 wheels are A4740 [I], A9812 [II], A10820 [III], A11729 [IV], A11216 [V]
51 wheels are A2696 [I], A17233 [II], A10641 [III], A20087 [IV], A4820 [V]
52 wheels are A5005 [I], A7334 [II], A1635 [III], A12713 [IV], A8831 [V] 
53 wheels are A02377 [I, III], A01093 [II, IV, V]
54 wheels are A11332 [I], A01379 [II], A5373 [III], A1951 [IV], A15949 [V]
55 wheels are A1951 [I], A02377 [II], A11332 [III], A13954 [IV, V]
56 wheels are A20519 [I, II, III], A13954B [IV], A12783 [V]
57 wheels are A9990 [I, IV, V], A01379 [II, III]
58 the following wheels are in the BWB collection - it is not known how they are assigned to the individual machines:
    A2762 [III, IV], A2692 [V], A16187 [II], A18225 [III], A4068 [IV, V],  M2856 [�], M17991 [IV], and two UKWD
    [A11536,  A11518]
59 wheels are A8582 [IV, V], A8907 [I, II, V], A9055 [II, III]  RAF Communications Electronics Training Squadron,
      RAF Cosford, UK. Information courtesy Gp. Capt. Henry Hall and Chf. Tech. Ian Shackleton
60 this machine in the FMU collection is on public display at the main museum in Akershus Fortress, Oslo.
    UKW  = B [A01077]
61 wheels are A8456 [II, III, IV]: UKW = B
62 wheels are all from A18807 [II, III, IV]: UKW = 'B': A18807 is in the caseof a very early Enigma - A581.
63 wheels are M15653 [I, II, V]. There is no UKW or Zusatzwalze - instead Wheel IV is installed in the left-hand position
    and has been modified to act as a reflector by crudely soldering wired links across the plate contacts. Information
    courtesy of Richard Noyce, Curator
64 featured in the film version of Robert Harris' Enigma: wheels are A3194 [I], A2168 [II], A2690 [IV].
    Information courtesy the owner  via Tony Sale
65 wheels are all from M5054 [I, II, IV, Gamma]: UKW = 'C'
66 wheels are all from A01985 [I, II, III]: UKW = 'B'
67 wheels are all from M10297 [I, II, III, Beta]: UKW = 'B'
68 wheels are A00680/42E [I], A01248/44E [II], A01276/44E [III]; UKW=B [A2530]
69 wheels are A10360 [I, II, V]
70 although, according to Swiss records, K470 was included in the second batch of machines delivered
     on 1 July 1939 it does not appear to have been modified and remains in its original Commercial configuration
71 There is a third Enigma at IWM whose serial number is not currently available.
72 this collection also contains an 'Uhr' box.
73 M897 is accompanied by its Begleitbuch which shows it to have been on board the pocket battleship L�tzow
     [formerly Deutschland] during that ship's service from 1934 until its surrender in 1945. Wheels are all M897
     [I, II, III]; UKW = 'B'
74 wheels are from M983 [I, II, III]; UKW = 'C' [M1146]
75 wheels are from A2606 [I, II, V]: the collection also contains Navy wheel M8573 [IV].
76 wheels are all from A10894 [I, II, V]; UKW = 'B'.
77 M2946 was recovered from the wreck of U-85 on 3 July 2001. At the same time the entire scrambler assembly of M3131
    was recovered. These artefacts are in a remarkably good state of preservation. With this double recovery all of the wheels
    but one from both M2946 and M3131 have been recovered. On 22 August 2002 the rest of M3131 was recovered.  For
    details see U-85 pages. 
78 Though carrying a Commercial serial number K932 is a bit of a 'hybrid' - wheels are from three different Army/GAF machines:
    A19761 [I], A19811 [IV], A14033 [V]:  UKW is 11018 and its index ring carries 1-26 markings.
79 wheels are A01174 [I], A02188 [II], A00986 [III], A20719 [IV], A 02192 [V]; UKW='B' [A2229]: spare wheels in oak box.
80 this machine is fabricated from metal of the same beige color as A20531 [see note 44].
81 wheels and UKW are all marked B207 [I, II, III] but the wiring of  all wheels except ETW is non-standard and the UKW is
     otherwise unmarked. The index markings on all wheels are in red.
82 wheels are A12672 [IV, V] and A468 [V]; UKW = 'B' [A11769].
83 cover is of beige metal construction - similar to A20531. Wheels are all A20567 [I-V]; information courtesy Dr. Mark Baldwin.
84 all three GCHQ machines examined by the author on 18 November 2004.
85 sold on Ebay: June 2002.
86 wheels are all M15119 [I, III, IV]: Gamma/UKW = 'C'.
87 wheels are from A0908,  A01254,  A01270.
88 wheels are A2621 [I, II, III]: UKW = 'B'.
89 wheels are A6345 [II, IV, V]: UKW = 'D' [A11402].
90 wheels are A3386 [I], A16411 [II], A13529 [III]: UKW = 'B' [A12760].
91 wheels I, II, and III are from G130: UKW is original. G128, G213 and G??? were used post-WW2 by the Royal Dutch Navy.
92 wheels are marked G128 [I, II, III].
93 wheels are all A13852 [II, III, IV and UKWB].
94 probably A19615/jla/44 but ID plate is missing: similar features to A20531/jla/44 and A20662/jla/44 - see notes #44, #80: wheels.
     are from three different Navy machines, M2990 [III], M16687 [II], M18198 [II]: UKW = 'B' [A19615].
95 27 March 2003 - re-sold on eBay to unidentified buyer.
96 the MOS machines were formerly at the Marinefernmeldeschule, Flensburg, DE.
97 wheels are all A18495 [I, II, III and UKWB].
98 wheels are all A17105 [I, II, V and UKWB].
99 wheels are A5856 [II], A14663 [II], A18226 [I]: UKW='B' [A17483].
100 T46 and T257 are each complete with all eight wheels [I-VIII].
101 wheels  are A00412/43E [V], M5746 [VI], M4051 [VII]: UKW='B' - see footnote #37.
102 wheels are A874 [II, III], A16497 [V], A16501 [I, IV]: UKW='B' [A16501].
103 on loan from NSA/NCM.
104 wheels are all M2862 [I, III, VII, Beta]: UKW = 'C'. M2862 is an early M4 with a leather carrying strap.
105 wheels are all A1154 [I, IV, V]: UKW [A13529] = 'B'. This Enigma is on permanent loan to the CIA from H.Keith Melton.
106 wheels are all A13368 [I, II, IV]: UKW = 'B'.
107 wheels are all A13486 [I, II, IV]: UKW = 'B' [UKW has non-standard wiring]
108 wheels are all M18370 [I, II, III, Beta]: UKW = 'B'
109 wheels are all M18340 [I, II, III, Beta]: UKW = 'B'
110 wheels are all A8081 [I, II, III]: UKW = 'B'
111 wheels are all A16775 [I-V]: UKW = 'B'
112 wheels are all A1487 [!, II, III]: UKW = 'B'
113  wheels are all A4229 [ I-V]: UKW = 'B'
114  wheels are all A14555 [I, III,V]: UKW = 'B'
115  'reproduction' wheels A2142 {I, II, III]: wooden case is from A2142

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