FreeDOS 1.0

FreeDOS is a complete operating system. If you choose to install this on your computer, you may overwrite the operating system you have now (for example, Windows.) If this is not what you intend, please stop now.

If you need help, please read the FreeDOS Install HOWTO *

To download, choose the CD image ("ISO" file) that you want to use. You'll need to write this to CD or DVD before you can use it.

Based on your location, we have chosen the nearest available mirror:

  • FreeDOS Base CD
  • Recommended download for most users
  • Contains only packages from BASE
  • Install only, does not include LiveCD
  • 8 MB
  • FreeDOS Base CD with source code
  • Recommended for developers
  • Contains only packages and source code from BASE
  • Can boot FreeDOS as LiveCD
  • 49 MB

fdfullcd and fdfullws are no longer available. These versions were recommended for experienced users and developers. New version coming soon!

To verify the CD image, compare the Checksum (SHA256 or MD5).

Linux users may be interested in sys-freedos-linux as a way to SYS your disk image directly from Linux. (Requires perl.)

Primary download at:

Or, try one of these alternate mirrors: