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Facts & Questions

of the ordinary people, by an ordinary man, for all the ordinary people 
(Excuse me for my poor English ability)

I always think about
what happened to the people,
including more than 20 of my compatriots,
who were staying in the Towers on that fatal day, ... .

And I feel very sad
when I notice that they had to share the fate with the buildings, in this way ..., 

such a cruel way !
I never forget !

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The Twin Towers

We can say; even if ten airplanes had hit them and the fires had engulfed
whole of the buildings, then, could the Towers have collapsed
in such manners

 Introduction: Taboo on "after the initiation"?

 map and other basic data

 How long did actually they take to collapse wholly?

 1) The upper floors were

      'crushed-up' first.

           Missing "energy-source" of the collapse, unfortunately

 WTC1 (North Tower)  part 1 

WTC1 (North Tower)  part 2  

 WTC2 (South Tower) part 1

 WTC2 (South Tower)  part 2

 2) Collapsing horizontally 

              What fell vertically?

 WTC1 (North Tower) 
 part 1

  WTC1 (North Tower) 
 part 2

 WTC2 (South Tower)
 part 1

  WTC2 (South Tower) 
 part 2

 3) Such a great amount of mass

      blown so far!

     What energy and force caused the movements?

 Winter Garden       Unidentified flying objects? 

 the "wall street"      The FEMA never said in their report.

 high above the streets    The steel stuffs together with human rests ...

 4) Dust clouds, the cores 

      and the Ground Zero

          The taboo of the taboos !

 "pyroclastic flows"    Where has all the concrete gone?

 the cores remained standing, and then ...       broken totally

 perfect destruction      What happened to these massive structures ?

 Then, what are the Crush-Down and the Crush-Up,
  Dr. Bazant?
             The funniest joke in the human history ! 

 5) Many other essential features

      of collapse

           that the 'official-theorists' never want to see

 squibs      and the NIST's junk science

 demolition 'tsunamis' and flashes     direct evidence of demolition

 molten metal      another direct evidence of artificial destruction
 (Photos from the homepage of the Architect & Engineers for 911 Truth)

 curious section of the columns       removal workers can hardly make it

 flying objects : aluminum or steel?      one of the last mysteries


We can say; even if the southern façade had been full of damage and the fires had engulfed the whole building, then, could the building have collapsed in such a way ?
 fires? damages?        Oh, yes! The fire! and the damage!  And what?

 how did it collapse actually?      Watch it closely!

 other facts about WTC7      The gravitational acceleration for more than 2s!
 Dr. Sunder, is it WTC7? Really?     You had better work for Disney Pro ...

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