Calling it quits

August 20, 2009

I’ve decided to call it quits on the whole rom making thing. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t done much work on the rom lately anyway, not to mention the way overdue CRC1 rom that I never got out. I’ll still be around of course, working on smali and hanging out on freenode. But I just don’t have enough interest in doing rom work anymore to continue.

I sincerely appreciate all the kind words about my roms, and I want to again thank everyone who has donated.

If you’re looking for a new rom to try, I recommend cyanogen’s stable or experimental roms. He’s put a lot of work into them, and they have many more features than mine do/did.

Also, If anyone wants to grab my build environment and maintain a “JF-style” build on their own, go for it :) If you need any pointers on how to update the build environment as new official releases come out, feel free to ask (There really isn’t all that much involved in it).


129 Responses to “Calling it quits”

  1.   KNY Says:

    I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in for us over the past months. You definitely kicked off this ROM-customization trend.

    Also, good with with smali/baksmali!

    jf Reply:

    Thanks man. I appreciate it :)

    TmoRepInAL Reply:

    Thanks for all the work you put in man… You made my job so much easier telling people after I sold them G1’s how to root and put the JF software on their phones… lots of happy customers!!

  2.   vitriolix Says:

    Thanks again for all your work, JF. Your contributions to G1 rooting scene are immeasurable.

  3.   onemorehour Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, but thank you for all the hard work you put into this project, and best of luck in the future!

  4.   Smileyguy Says:

    Your ROM has always been the most stable for me :( Will miss JF’s cooking. T.T

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  6.   Lithium98 Says:

    That really sucks. I was a loyal JF fan since the day I found out about rooting my G1. Is it coincidence that You decided to quit a couple of days after I installed Cyanogen???

    Hope all goes well and maybe you’ll make a comeback some time in the future.

    hoekie Reply:

    how to go from JF to Cyanogen? keeps me fooled at the “replace my recovery image”-flashing part…


    PS Also sad to see JF leaving the ROMs to his left :(

  7.   Jon Says:

    Thank you for all your great work!

  8.   jndscslegal Says:

    You popped my cherry in flashing ! explained everything well enough that got a noob like me to get hooked ! thanks for opening a new world for me ! I will drink to JF this weekend Cheers !

  9.   Rye Brye Says:

    I just shed a tear. or maybe I sneezed.

    This should free up more time to work on smali / baksmali! :)

    jf Reply:

    bless you! *hands ryebrye a kleenex*

  10.   tourettesradio Says:

    Thanks for all your time, effort and hard work dude!!!! Take it easy!

  11.   MikeCrazy Says:

    You will be missed. I was waiting for a Hero rom from you. But I guess have stick with Jac until someone makes better one.

    I have a new Nickname for ya “The Godfather of Root” !


  12.   enomther Says:

    Hi JF,

    Am sorry to hear this news. Was actually kind of waiting for your shoe to drop on the whole CRC1/CRC37 builds that are out now.

    I have picked up where you left off (for the most part). Very similar design behind the ROM’s I’m posting now. Major difference is the lack of cramfs and some kernel specific issues. Not sure if you’ve had a change to see this work or not, sounds like you’re busy with other projects.

    If you have pointers for me, I’d love to hear them, iif you have time to check out my ROM’s on xda-dev (TheOfficial). Sounds like you’re busy and moving on. But either way, you’ll be sorely missed and your contributions to this community were on the LARGEST of scales.


  13.   Marlon Says:

    I want to thank you for all you have done. I first began to root my phone about a month before RC33 came out and your build was THE build to have. Because of this I went on and on to learn more about Android and Linux. You help spurt my fascination in the programming world. You will be dearly missed by all of the community and God bless you in your life. Thank you so much for everything JF


  14.   brianv3ntura Says:

    one of JF’s cupcake builds was the FIRST rom i flashed after rooting =)

  15.   ffff00 Says:

    I used to only flash your roms.
    Great work, thank you for that.
    You’ll be missed JF.

  16.   kb7sqi Says:

    Thanks for all contributions! I’m still pretty new to building a ROM for the G1, but I’ve spent hours looking over your work on the JF builds! :-) I’ve learned a great deal. I know you’re not leaving the community, but I still wanted to wish you all the best.

  17.   DJ Says:

    JesusFreke U are the man if it wasnt for you and ur easy tutorial on how to root my g1. i would still would have the regular OTA Roms..Thank You For all ur Hard work and contribution to the modding world..Ur The Founding Father of Modding..U you will be miss’d..i was really hoping you would of came out wit a Hero ROM.. I Guess I Jus Have 2 wait until JacxHero Gets Better..


  18.   biAji Says:

    Thanks a lot for every piece of work you done~~!! I’m still using your 1.51 rom and looking forward your next release.. It seems I have to taste other’s rom from now on.

    Anyway, Thanks again~ I will keep your rom in my harddisk for memories.



  19.   barakinflorida Says:

    Thank you old timer…. ;-) you paved well

  20.   oldsk00lz Says:

    JF – you definitely stepped up during the early days and always provided stable ROMs that a person could trust. Also, I recall that you always had a good thing to say, and helped the new ones without being condescending. I was always surprised how you were able to provide so many responses and lend a helping hand…. very active in the threads before the masses rushed in.

    Good luck and I am sure I will keep an eye on your latest ventures.


  21.   Thanatos81 Says:

    As all the others above me, I’m also very grateful for the groundbreaking work you’ve done for the G1 / Android community.

    Coincidentally I installed Cyanogen’s ROM just yesterday. Nevertheless I would have liked to see another of your ROMs.

  22.   Mahesh Says:

    I almost used ur build for a long time before cynogen. Good luck

  23.   g Says:

    Thanks dude, your cupcake was the first ROM I ever put on my rooted phone. :D

  24.   Chuck Says:

    Thanks a lot man, without you I wouldn’t have been able to root my phone back in 2008. Just remebering when DREAMIN.NBH came out and everyone flashed their phones to gain root access. Ahhh now it’s so much easier but THANK YOU!
    I remember those long threads over at XDA just days before RC30 and RC33, just waiting for you to root them and release them. Thanks for the boot loader as well and implementing nandroid in there. Saves a lot of headaches.


  25.   binary100100 Says:

    JF has been a household name for rooted roms since day one of Android. You are the cornerstone of rooted G1’s. We never did, nor can, fully appreciate the work that you’ve contributed. Although Cyanogen seems to have taken the torch and is now running the race for ROM making, it was you that gave us the interest and it was you that made it possible. I speak on behalf of XDA when I say thank you very much and we hope to see you again.

  26.   jcm232004 Says:

    It’s a sad day for all rooters and JF’s rom users. Thank you for all your hard work and good luck with all your projects. See ya around!!!!

  27.   PlatinumMOTO Says:

    You truly are the Godfather of Root. Thanks to you I was able to “have my cupcake and eat it too” before it ever came out OTA. Everyone wanted it when I showed anyone the new VK.

    You inspired all the newcomers such as Cyanogen, Justanothercrowd (JAC), and now Drizzy and Ski to name a few. You set the bar and were the first Pioneer to get in the rooting game. It is amazing to see how far this ROM building has come and has yet to be seen because of you.

    What’s really inspiring is to see how all these new names coming out have grown and learned to develop on XDA all because of your work and dedication if there is an Android Hall of Fame you should be on it.

    Thanks for all your hard work I’ll always keep a JF Build on one of my G1s.

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  29.   goldfish Says:

    Oh no, I’m sadden by this news. Thanks for all the great work, your rom is still the one that I’m sticking to after all those heroes that I’ve tried out. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  30.   W Says:

    (stands and applauds)

    Thank you, JF

  31.   gdm Says:

    i’ve come to android from debian, exclusively because of the free nature and the wonderful community of developers who’ve shared their knowledge. i’m just starting to get involved in building roms and appreciate any pointers you can provide. many thanks for all your hard work, and enjoy your new found freedom of time :) !

  32.   Darrell aka Baldyman1966 Says:

    Like most people who have had a G1 since launch you are to me one of the founding fathers of root and therefore of Android Modding, Thanks for everything.

  33.   esnapz Says:

    You’ll be missed. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have what’s on my phone now. Thanks and take care.

  34.   Tim van der Leeuw Says:

    JF, I’ve used your builds since I got my ADP phone and they’ve been great, stable, and good performance. Thanks a lot for the outstanding work.

    I’ve recently started using a CM build and it made me really realize how stable your build is, and how well it performs.

    Again, thanks for the great work and great builds.


  35.   twiztidnutzzzzz Says:

    Hey JF,

    Thank you for all your hard work with the whole g1 experience. You helped put the android platform ahead of the game. Without you getting the ball rolling with getting root perhaps most builders would not be where they are today. You will always be remembered. And I speak for myself and many others that I hope one day your interest returns and you come back to create the next badass rom.

    I myself have no knowledge as of yet for building roms but been researching trying to modify them hopefully I can cross that bridge, care for any pointers?

    Good luck with your future explorations so to speak

  36.   blowupj Says:

    Thanks J F. Your teaching us the art of the root. You had the first Rom I put on my g1. Thanks again & you will be missed but your name will live on whenever somebody mention Root

  37.   Mikey Says:

    Hey Buddy, thanks for your hard work and time you put in making the G1 a great phone. If you need anything give me a jingle on YIM. :)
    If you ever get an itch to swing by XDA and just say hi……..make sure you bring some beer and nuts :)

    Good luck with your new-found free time ;)

  38.   Arnd Says:


    We understand, but are very sad to see you taking a step back. Your additions to the community are appreciated a lot and your ROMs will be missed.

    Thanks JF! Until later.

  39.   sunil Says:

    you will be missed JF. and thanks for all your support. greatly appreciate.

  40.   MomentaryLapseOfReason Says:

    Well thank you for starting the world of root and custom roms. You are legendary among all Android users.

  41.   ThatGuy@Just1fix Says:

    *sniff* Your rom was the first I ever tried, it soon made it’s way onto my friends androids.

    It is a sad day to see one of the original pioneers of Android third party go by the wayside.

    Thanks for all the hard work and awesome roms. Best of luck to you and all your future endeavors.

    – Ian

  42.   Arnold Says:

    Thanks for your hard work and effort.

  43.   tc battel Says:

    Thank you for all you’ve done, you were a great pioneer, and will be missed!

  44.   surtax Says:

    Thanks for all your work!

  45.   Lati do Rio Says:


    Many thanks. Amazing what you have done.

    Good luck.


  46.   Calvin Says:

    Thank you for paving the way. You ingenuity was indispensable to our burgeoning community. Good luck wherever you go. I’m sure you’ll always have an army of willing supporters if you ever need help anywhere.

    The whole android modding community owes you.

    I also want to take this space to thank the devs that are still carrying forward with what JF started. You guys make this OS special.

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  48.   desmond Says:

    hey just wanted to say thanks as welll as im sure you already know none of this that we do would be possible with out you and that first j.f rom

  49.   AndroidClub NL Says:

    It feels bad, but we thank you for all the roms you made.

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  52.   Daniel Says:

    Great work, dude. Seems like everything you’ve started has been great so far. Smali/Baksmali is outstanding!

  53.   Lloir Says:

    At least there was no emo-quit or anything here….as same as most of these guys ur room was 1st i used :) thanks for everything dude!

  54.   ohnoezmahfone Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. The reason we have such a great and dedicated modding community is to a great extent because of your efforts. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  55.   Christian Says:

    JF – thanks so much for all the work! Like a lot of folks here yours was the first ROM I loaded after I rooted my phone, and i’ve never regretted it!

    I know I speak for everyone when I say that if you past work is any indicator, we expect great things from you in the future!

  56.   Shane Phillips Says:

    Your pioneering work paved the way for most of the fantastic customisation work that is now being done with Android, and I for one will always be greatful for your excellent work. Sorry to see you go, all the best for the future

  57.   Just Pete Says:

    You always did great work and paved the road for the work currently floating around the community and for this I thank you. Best of luck in your future projects and all that. If you ever want to come back full time I am sure the community will be waiting.

  58.   James Says:

    All I can say is this, you’ve no idea how much fun you gave people like me because you first dared to say “What if I……..” Thanks loads for the help.

  59.   Christopher3712 Says:

    Thanks for all the hours and work you put in. You’ve made some impressive steps toward the development software for all things G1. Your work and input will be missed.

  60.   Parin Says:

    Amazing work appreciated every pixel! incredible!! you will be missed! would be awesome if u wer wrkin on hero roms thou! :D thanks!

  61.   Imi Says:

    You will be missed, I haven’t installed anything apart from JF Builds since I bought this phone last year, take care. Wish you lots of luck with the new projects.

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  63.   Alan Says:

    Great work man. I understand dropping out of the game, but sorry to see you go. You were instrumental in getting me into the rooted world on my G1. Best of luck!

  64.   andrea baccega Says:

    Thanks for everything dude ;) you are the best

  65.   knyto2 Says:

    I have been using your ROM religiously and appreciate all the work you’ve put in. Thanks for everything!

  66.   Argusi Says:

    Yours was the first ROM I flashed on the G1. I appreciate everything you have done. Sad to see you go, you will be missed. Good luck in all of your endeavors!

  67.   Milind Rao Says:

    Thanks a lot for all your trailblazing efforts. Your cupcake ROM was the first one I tried and it’s still running on my phone. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  68.   Tagm Says:

    Always loved the stability of the JF roms. Thanks for introducing me into the world of mods.

  69.   Boris Says:

    Thank you JF! Your ROM was the first one i’ve flashed after rooting my phone.

    Best regards from germany!

  70.   cid420420 Says:

    thanks so much I will miss your Roms. Yours have been the only ones I have run on mine and my girlfriends G1’s. Thanks so much for all the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71.   Anthony Says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish (sorry …roms)!
    You have done the android community a great service with all your hard work – best of luck with all your future endeavours :-)


  72.   Doofah Says:

    Congratulations on being the best JF, you made it and by God I hope you continue to create as much success in all your endeavors.

    I’m sure we’ll see you popping up to correct us when we lolfail trying to carry on where you left of!! Lol you deserve the spare time more than any other developer I’ve followed! Make sure you get to enjoy it!!

    Thanks for the sharing!


  73.   Russ Says:

    Hey JF! Congrats on retirement, you have reached 64 android dev years! Thanks for making mine and everybody’s G1 what it is today. Without your initiatives, the Android platform would not have developed as quickly and popularly. Even though it’s over the net, I propose a toast for your hard work! Enjoy the non-pressure!

  74.   Joshua Karthik Says:

    Your cupcake JF 1.5 was the first ROM I ever had the courage to move my stock G1 to! Thanks for all the work. We owe you one.

  75.   Ruben Says:

    Thanks alot for your awesome work . I heard HTC or T-Mobile hired you good luck.

    jf Reply:

    No, I didn’t get hired by t-mobile, or htc, or anyone. I’m still with the same empolyeer I’ve been with for several years. There’s no “secret reason” I decided to stop. I stopped because I lost interest. Just like I said :p

  76.   Amedeo Says:

    You do great work, I love your builds. Good luck and I wish you the best in your future projects.

  77.   Pepper Lim Says:

    The Android community will surely miss you and your hard work. It was your ROMs that I started out with and I appreciate your dedication to Android.

  78.   c_LoW29 Says:

    You definetly started this whole ROM customization process and know that all of the members at XDA Forums greatly appreciate all your hard work and time you put into the ROMS you will be missed…….

  79.   santana Says:

    I was wondering could u email the link where i can download auto-sign file i have been aking everyone including developers but its like if u havent developed any roms or apps they pay u no mind so could u please help me.

    jf Reply:

    You might start by learning how to ask questions better. Punctuation is good, as well as being specific about what you want. I have no idea what “auto-sign file” is.

  80.   santana Says:

    Ok i unzipped a couple of roms to take and add certain apps then i would zip it back up. Now when i flash the rom it was always read aborted. So i ask maxima about it and he told me to google auto-sign so every since i been look for auto-sign but never could understand what it was or where to get it from. I even asked him (maxima) about it and he said “that i would have to find it on my own”. So if u now understand my problem better can u please help me thank you.

    jf Reply:

    You can use the testsign.jar utility from my build environment. java -jar testsign.jar

  81.   Nick Says:

    Thanks for the hard work man thanks to you I can play xbox live jajajaj anyway hey quick question so for me to keep a modded g1 then do I have to remove all ur roms and put in cyanogen’s, or cam I just install his in over yours.

  82.   xpd259 Says:

    hiya sorry to see you go i always liked your roms

    where abouts can i get your build environment ?
    id just like to have a look really :) and replace the dam sms app with the one i’ve “fixed”


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  84.   Mark G Says:

    well srry im late to the party so to speak. jf 1.5 adp was the 1st rom i ever flashed. as a matter of fact i had 1.5 on my g1 the longest! god luck in what ever journey life takes u. Take it easy man.

    Mark G

  85.   ambarish Says:

    Hi JF,
    Thanks for all your great work! Got my first rooted phone with
    your release and have been very happy with it!

    Best of luck in your future ventures!

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    [...] details are at seems like he isn't interested in rom work [...]

  87.   Boogey Says:

    Good riddance! your roms sucked anyways! Hope you never get interest again at making roms. stick to your day job.

  88.   paneidos Says:

    Too bad you quit, I’ve only had your ROMs on my G1, now I’ll have to go look for a new favorite.

    Thanks for all your work!

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  90.   BDot Says:

    Just commenting to show respect.

    Thanks for everything man.

  91.   T.Stark Says:

    Thanks for all everything JF. You’ve definitely made the time I’ve had my G1 less painful :)

  92.   Tivisoft Says:

    Thanks for your hard work! You’ll still be the fisth for me!

    Good luck with your news projects!

    Mucgas gracias!

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  94.   b Says:

    Dude. Seriously. Thank you.
    Without you, none of this would be where it is today.
    I realize that there are tons of developers out now, all with FANTASTIC roms, but you really started it all.



  95.   Suresh G Says:

    You will be missed..thanks 4 all the great work.

  96.   jason Says:

    I’m sad to see you stop. You are one of the first names that comes up when it comes to rooting a phone. I wish you good luck in whatever your going to do and I hope you stay around.

  97.   Toma Says:

    JF, THANK YOU!!!! Shalom to your home, bruvva.

  98.   gst Says:

    Thanks for all the work. I’ve only used the JF ROMs so far and I was really pleased with their quality. It will be hard to find an alternative that is as good.

  99.   White Rabbit 737 Says:

    This is trley sad to hear…
    It is because of you I want to build my own custom ROM.
    Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

  100.   somesome Says:

    Which alternative ROMs do you suggest? Is it a good idea to use HTCs official devel ROMs on T-Mobile G1 devices?

  101.   Mikolaj Says:

    Well… it’s a pity to have found this post… Recently I have been not that much satisfied with CM and started looking for alternatives, or wanted to go back to your ROM…

  102.   JoeMamma Says:

    Thanks for your roms JF, your cupcake rom popped my G1’s cherry. your work is very much appreciated. BTW i suspect you got a new phone. lol

    jf Reply:

    Why do people always think there is some secret motive behind this? :p. I got bored with it, plain and simple. I still have the same ol’ ADP.

  103.   yeticomes Says:

    Thanx a lot, JF – your pre cupkake rom was the first I flashed to my DevPhone h the beginning of using not OTA roms: TheDude, TwistedUmbrella, Drizzy and now JAC

  104.   Gwendolyn Says:

    damn jf we sure gonna miss u. none of these other devvelopers or roms would be as good as they r if it wasnt for u. i appreciate all the time n effort u put into being the best.

  105.   Duuster Says:

    Good luck JF. Thank you for everything. I now do not know what other ROM to use.

  106.   h3x Says:

    Fack! Just when i thought i had found the perfect solution it becomes discontinued. I remember the morning i woke up to JF updater telling me Cupcake was available.. it was like christmas morning.. great work man. Couldnt have done it better myself.

  107.   ambarish Says:

    Hi JF,
    As many others have said – Thanks a lot for your great work!
    Yours was my first rooted rom (and first taste of cupcake). Just
    migrated to Cyanogen as you recommended.

    Best of luck with your new ventures!

  108.   Jaysn Says:

    Thanks for all your hard work JF, you helped make Android much better than what was being given to us.

  109.   Gimme Says:

    thanks a lot for your hardwork :)

  110.   Anto Says:

    no no no no no no please don’t !!!!! I don’t want to install anything else on my g1 please!!!!

  111.   Mark Says:

    You’re a faggot for quitting.

    Plain and simple, like your roms….

    Ha Bitch!

    P.S. How dare you forsake us like God did to Jesus…. =(

    Anon Reply:

    Mark of distinction: getting juvenile trolls to reply to your blog posts. Score +1 JF! :)

  112.   hoekie Says:

    found all the answers how to go from JF to cyanogenmod here:

  113.   bblboy54 Says:

    I also want to thank you for all that you did. I can certainly understand how projects get old after a while and you need to move on to other things. You will certainly be missed but another thing I know about moving on from projects is that there is always the chance that your get a burst of desire for something better and we’ll end up with JF 4.0 :)

    God Bless you in all that you do!

  114.   Daniel Powell Says:

    Man, it is a shame to not have you building anymore. I have played around with many different roms and yours were always the best. Many offered funky things at the price of stability, others included funky things at the price of speed. You offered decent quality builds involving both functionality and speed with the necessary amount of pazazz. Yours were (are) the best. You understood that functionality, speed and most importantly stability ranked high above any new flashy features. Cyanogen does nice builds but they really don’t compare. It is a shame to see you go, and I hope you do well with wherever life takes you. I know it’s too late now but there is a long overdue donation in your paypal. Thanks for your help and support. I’m still using your 1.5 build and don’t plan on changing soon.

  115.   Tim Says:

    This would explain why I haven’t seen new updates. ;)

    It’s a definite loss for the community, but thanks for all your effort and hard work.

    Good luck with future projects!

  116.   Weees Says:

    Ouchh !! Thats really sad !! :( I Havent been in the modding scene much lately, I just checked in now coz I wanted to update to donut and offcourse, the first place i looked at was your blog (hopping to see a JF 1.6) As the only roms i have ever loaded onto my phone was always the JF roms. Simply the most stable + the needed extras !.

    Anyway, thanks a ton for all your earlier contributions and good luck in wutever your doing :)

  117.   bvkrock Says:

    JF thank you very much for showing the world about custom roms, you rock for what you did on android, u made it bette, hope you come back…………..

  118.   David Safar Says:

    Thanks muchly for your hard work. I know I’m late to this party, but I’m not hugely into phone hacking, and your ROMs enabled me to easily get on Android with AT&T, so thank you! Your contribution will be missed, but I can’t fault you for not wanting to work on something that no longer interests you. Thanks for the pointer, I will check out cyanogen’s ROMs.

  119.   Hizzy Says:

    Your roms really charged my interest in G1 after I received it I didn’t really start fully using it after I rooted the phone and installed your roms. The JF 1.5 has been working great for me and assiting me in showing off the phone to iphone users.

  120.   TheSimp Says:

    I was looking over all of the comments… It seems like so long ago (that I was saddened by this news). Mad props to you JF, you really made the modified Android ROM scene what is today.

    Hats off to you!