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Crop Circle Predictions
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Predicting Crop Circles

I'll say it because no one else is going to.

As I wrote in an article last year, 'The Gift', no matter who or what actually makes crop circles they are all, like everything else, manifested thought forms. Because of this, just by attuning one's consciousness to the various energies that initiate these patterns it becomes possible to predict aspects about them. This may be the design, the date, the location, size - whatever. Sometimes the actual harmonising of one's own consciousness, with the frequencies of the etheric crop circle possibilities just happens; at other times it might be a purposeful engagement. I say possibilities because not every dream manifests into our perception, as you know.

Maybe you have a free enough mind to day-dream, and enjoy it, or you meditate, sometimes information arrives while you sleep, all kinds of missives about myriad things. Ideas flit by in milli-seconds and it can be difficult to catch them. The good news is that the more you practice the more you do catch. But then, what to do with them? I suppose it depends upon what they are. If the message you have been sent has potentially profound implications it is the natural way of humanity to share it. After all we are only messengers.

Unfortunately it is the innate habit of the Darkness to ridicule, despise or shatter inspiration. In our present world, a shadow of what it should be, and will be again, the Darkness has captured the intellect of humankind. In so doing it now ordains what is real, what is to be trusted and who is to be feted and honoured. As well, this has enabled inspirational messages to be corrupted, subverted, ridiculed and ignored. We now exist in a world where everyone is suspicious. A dark and dismal world where the ghouls converge like black rain on the merest hint of light that pierces the black shroud of their eternal night.

Crop circles are messages. As my mentor once told me, "They are messages for us, not for them." What a brilliant ploy this is. A crop circle is there, in your face and magnificent. Photographs of them zoom around the world and smack! into the consciousness of everyone who sees them. Their presence, unlike most other ways the Goddess communicates, cannot be hidden or denied by Dark agents. All they can do is attack on the levels they control, the conscious mind (i.e. the intellect) and the gateway of our emotions. This year they have poured their force into blocking the Gaian grid as well, but that's a story for another time.) The dark force mobilises its possessed and possesive farmers to smite her graceful icons down in their darkly instigated (and encouraged) spite and anger but the pictures still keep coming. The crops recover anyway and the farmers lose nothing really, potentially they can gain everything. They should feel blessed. The Darkness motivates its naye-saying minions in media and sigh-ents (for non-Oxonians 'ent' means 'isn't) desperate to discourage people from connecting meaningfully with these divine gifts.

Sometimes there comes patterns that are obvious hoaxes, say the puffed-up experts. My problem with this is, what do they mean by a hoax? It seems that to crop circle experts (spit! - to every expert everywhere) a hoax is one that is man-made. What a load of rancid tosh. By implication this says that humans are less divine than whatever that particular authority deems to be the creator of the formation. On the other side we have another bunch of experts who say that all these designs are made by humans; which in contrast to the other lot insists that only humans are capable of creation. Give me strength!

Yes, there are crop circles that are stomped into the fields with the intentional purpose of distracting us, and bringing disrepute and ridicule to this immaculate and inspiring artistry; but there are ways of telling these, and easily, if you are of a true heart. A true heart is a term that originally meant a person who was at one with the Goddess - in tune. Intent, that's the key to discovering whether you are a puppet of the Darkness or an angel of light - find the intent. Yet here's the rub, the light of the Goddess is well capable of intercepting the devices of the Darkness, and is increasingly doing so now, at this time. (Hence the daily revelations and exposure of criminals and the desperate tactics the Darkness resorts to across the world). She is able to turn something dark into something light, if it suits the Creator's purposes. The Darkness has been doing the opposite for thousands of years but now the first light of the dawn of a new epoch approaches. The sun will rise on a new Age. The question though, is which sun? The black sun or the sun of light? That, my fellow humans, is up to us. Just as we awaken with the coming of light in the morning so we must now. We either keep our eyes shut, where the little death becomes a very long one or we open our eyes to the glory of who we are and where we are. That takes a mind that is firing on all cylinders, entirely connected to the infinite, where everything is possible.
Some of the crop formations are decried as hoaxes because they are mis-shapen, or silly looking. That's a mistake I think. The battle between light and dark goes on in the etheric and this can cause imperfections in the layout of designs, just as it can with ideas. Also symbols come in infinite array and if the design of, say a cartoon pig, will energise a certain spot then a porky-corker is what we'll get. The Goddess doesn't seek the advice of humans and anyway if something raises a chuckle all the better - more light! If a pattern is ignored immediately then the Darkness triumphs.
Last year I visited and photographed a crop circle (actually two very close to each other - only yards apart) near the Baldons, in Oxfordshire. The formation was in oil-seed rape. It is a crop that the Goddess is not keen on for several reasons - including the name and its detrimental environmental impact. This doesn't mean that patterns in this crop are from the other lot. The Goddess sends healing energy by overlaying her frequencies into and onto suffering places on the Earth's energy grid. Anyway, the formation looked a dream. It was of two galactic spirals and the crop had suffered no damage. (The very tender and vulnerable plants were thriving and once again their heads were reaching for the sun.) In my report on the crop circles I said that they were man-made. Immediately several people took this to mean they were no good -hoaxes, not worth bothering with. I didn't mean that, but this is the prevailing mind-set, unfortunately.
I can only give you an account of my own experiences with regard to what I was saying before about predicting crop circles. I've accurately predicted the shapes and times of them on several occasions. Nothing special about that, truly. We can all do this. Mind you we all get assaulted by the Darkness when it realises we are intent on spreading light, so don't expect to always be accurate. You don't need to force it either, if you are a chosen messenger for anything, and we all are for something, then it will come when the time is right, and not before.

Another problem with predictions is that if you tell someone about them you are increasing the chance of the event being cancelled or postponed. This may be a decision by the Goddess because what was about to happen was discovered by the Darkness through its agents and the original plan had either lost its integrity or was weakened in some way. Intellect demands proof and unfortunately proof of accurate predictions requires witnesses. (It doesn't really, but remember we are warriors in a war between light and dark and the dark side controls the media and science. So we play on a decidedly un-level playing field.) However, when a prediction does come true, people do take notice. There is an instant, often imperceptible, when everyone who hears the truth recognises it- but then the darkness envelopes again; yet some minds at that moment break free. Gradually the world will wake up.

It takes courage to risk being made a laughing stock by saying something will happen but it doesn't. The Darkness relies on that to keep everyone under the pump. The Goddess watches and sees how you manage. Do you fall down, creep back into the shadows, or do you, because you know deep in the heart of you what really went on, and why something did not manifest, keep going? If you do the latter your light grows and the world is just that bit less dark. Rest assured that whatever it was that you predicted was a part of a plan and the Goddess covers all possibilities. She will have initiated another route and whatever it was that your prediction was connected in will happen. The Creator and the Goddess are the supreme tacticians.


I won't bang on about every crop circle prediction success but there is a story I'd like to tell you about. It concerns a trip to visit two crop circles near the White Horse Hills, near Uffington, in Oxfordshire on 11th July, this year. I went with a long-time and very dear friend, who I will not name for the sake of his privacy. I have his blessing to tell this.

This was the text of a letter to the marvellously indefatigable crop circle investigator and photographer Lucy Pringle:

On Tuesday night I dreamt I was in a crop circle and was shown a particular place in it. In the dream I picked a head of the wheat.

I had to go to west Oxford to do a job on Wednesday morning. When I finished I just felt I'd like to visit the White Horse crop circle and also visit a friend who lives near there. I hadn't seen this friend for about a year. He was struck down by a virus a few years back and has been wheelchair bound since. It occured to me that he would probably enjoy a trip to the hills and if possible to a crop circle. Last year I took him on a jaunt around Wiltshire - crop circles, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Barge and all that. He was fascinated by the crop circles- especially the ghosts. He is a country lad who has worked on farms for years. He just couldn't for the life of him work out how the ghosts could appear.

Anyway I went to his house. He was pleased to see me and told me I was lucky he was in (as he was supposed to have gone somewhere with his wife that day). He jumped at the chance of a trip. I noticed that he was not in his wheelchair. He is now able to walk about 6 or 7 yards with the aid of a stick but it is very tiring and difficult for him. Unfortunately other health issues have manifested now - diabetes being one of them. Some he hasn't even told his wife about because he doesn't want to worry her.

So, after a cuppa and a yarn we set off in my car to the White Horse Hills. We couldn't see the crop circle from anywhere so my friend said,"Don't worry about me Ell. It's just lovely to get out and who wouldn't be satisfied with such a view as this to look out on?" (We had parked in the disabled car park overlooking the vale). "Just go and do what you need to do mate and come back and tell me all about it", he said. So off I went, up the hill, through the castle and to the other side. There were quite a few people in the circle (a tour I think). I cut across the Ridgeway and into the field. It is very beautiful. I all of a sudden realised that I could drive up to the formation with my friend. (We had thought cars were banned but others were there.) So I hot-footed it back to the car, detouring to say hi to the horse and the hawthorn. My friend was well chuffed. When we got to the crop circle I parked as near as possible, hoping my friend just might be able to get to the edge of the pattern as it was so close to the track. Unfortunately, although he tried it was just too much for him. He was delighted that he could see it though, from where we parked. This is the closest he has ever been to a crop circle.
I suddenly had this urge to go into the field and collect a head of wheat for my friend. "I'll be back in a minute mate", I called out and scampered into the crop circle. I felt as if I was being drawn to one particular place. When I got there I suddenly realised it was exactly the same as my dream. I bent down and took a head of wheat, and then another (not sure why). The heads were tingling, fair buzzing with energy. I returned straightaway to my friend and holding a head in each hand behind my back I asked, "Which one?" Without question my friend pointed to my left hand and I passed him the head of wheat. As he took it his mouth opened wide and he said,"It's giving me an electric shock! It's hot!"

"It's a gift mate, a healing," I said. "Put it under your pillow."

"I'll put it in my top pocket," he replied.

"That's just the job mate."

Whilst there I wanted to visit the pattern near Wayland Smithy so we drove to the Smithy and parked. Again, unfortunately my friend couldn't get to see it. Anyway, off I trotted and found it. Very impressive but could feel nothing coming from it at all. I didn't like it for some reason which I can't explain. I didn't even want a sample from this one.

Now, I can't report a miraculous healing for my friend, though of course that would be wonderful; but something about that first crop pattern resonated with him. I feel certain that something special did come to him and I know it made his day.

This year's witnessed predictions of crop circles so far include:

Botley  Pond Bay  Milk Hill

© Ellis C Taylor 26th July 2006

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***2007 Crop Circles: The 26th April 2007 seems to be significant, especially for Oxfordshire.
(posted 15th April 2007)