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1. This is a philatelic site. You will find country lists with names of cities, towns and villages where mail was handled and markings applied to cancel stamps. While a particular place may interest you as a genealogy buff or potential visitor, this site will not be of much help.

2. This site and all pages are subject to copyright. However, you are welcome to use the materials for your own, non-commercial, purposes.

3. Post offices are listed by:

a. Name as it appears on a cancellation, even if misspelled on the cancellation.

b. Alternative spellings, name changes and the place in its native language.

c. Some countries are included with early dates seen, more often from literature than the author's own collection. No attempt has been made to list exact first and last dates seen, cancel types, value and other information found elsewhere.

d. Numbers and letters used in killer cancellations.

e. Geographic locations by degrees and minutes. They are taken from atlases and data bases. There are many variables thus one should not use the coordinates for navigation! Hopefully you can find a place on a detailed map even though the location is off a few degrees. Many places are ghost towns, abandoned mines, military camps or now underwater and are difficult to find on any map.

f. Sometimes a simple, very rough translation into English of a place name is included. Most often the source is a dictionary and there certainly are errors. For English-speaking collectors, knowing that "Mikumo" means "Three Clouds" may add to one's enjoyment and education.

4. There is no practical way to list all post offices. Countries are considered on a case by case basis and smaller countries may have offices listed up to WWII. Most countries have listings only up to the end of the nineteenth century.

5. This is a "hobby site". The author has nothing to sell and is not soliciting offers from those seeking buyers.

6. The site is a work in progress. You may find that your favorite country has only been touched, with much more to do.

Have fun!

Robert S. Cragg