We brought this craft to Lehman’s Hardware to let our guests make one to take home with them. We had so much fun with these and found them to be satisfying to create both for adults and children.

Colleen’s perennial poppies she received for mother’s day were my inspiration for this craft. As well as anticipating the blooming of my neighbor’s poppies in the next month or so. These are probably one of my favorite flowers, so I made some using stem wire, food coloring and round basket coffee filters.

If you substitute pipe cleaners for stem wire this becomes a truly kids friendly craft, so I have photos below using both types of stems. Enjoy!

The first thing you’ll need to do is prepare your coffee filter to be dyed. I wanted the color to be┬ávariegated┬álike tie-dye, so I pinched the center of the filter and twisted it up really tight.


Then I dipped the twisted filter into the dye solution: about 2 oz water and 8 to 10 drops of red food coloring. To achieve portions of greater saturated color, after the filter was dipped in the dye solution and was still wet I touched the tip of the food coloring bottle to sections of the twisted filter to apply heavy amounts of dye in a few places. With the filter still twisted I let the filter dry until fully dry.


When you’ve let your dyed coffee filter dry all the way and you open it up it will have this beautiful poppy petal crinkle to it.


After I have a dried out coffee filter petal, it is time to make the stem. Poppies have bright yellow centers, so choose a bright yellow button. Fold your stem wire, or pipe cleaner, so that the button is in the bend and there is a one to two inch stem sticking out of one of the holes of the button.


Insert the stem wire/pipe cleaner into the center of the petal, allowing about 1/2 inch of paper between the two holes created when you punch the wire through.


Here is the button on the stem from the front view.


If you used stem wire to make your stem the last step is to finish it off with floral tape. If you’ve never used it before you can learn how here. Otherwise work from the top, pinching some of the paper into the tape as you twist, and then continue down the length of the stem until it is fully covered. If you used pipe cleaner just twist the two ends together to finish.


Now you have a wonderful paper flower to brighten your table all summer long! And if you are the kind of crafter to who doesn’t wear gloves, you also have bright red fingers. Did you notice the nice tint I had in all the pictures?