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Enigma: Classic Memory Game Meets Fast-Paced Puzzle Action

And Best of All, It's Free!

Publisher: None
Developer: Independent
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB: Everyone
Platform: PC Games
Overall Rating:77/100
Fun Factor:

Stumbling through Wikipedia's free software portal several days ago, I found myself perusing the website of an independent, open-source puzzle game called Enigma. Inspired by an older game, Oxyd, Enigma classifies itself as a 'puzzle game with a dexterity component'. Indeed, while playing Enigma one is sure to find levels to quicken both the mind and the wrist.

Enigma's gameplay is, in its simplest form, a memory game. Controlling a black marble with the mouse, the player attempts to tap the 'Oxyd stones' placed about the level. When struck, each stone reveals a certain colour. After activating a stone, the player must then strike the Oxyd stone containing the matching colour to lock the two open - just like turning over cards to find matching pairs. If the player activates a second Oxyd stone of a different colour, the first stone closes, hiding its contents. In order to activate all of the stones and complete the level, the player must remember which colour each stone hides.

Of course, it is not as easy as simply remembering colours. There are all sorts of obstacles and dangers to make things more difficult. There are floors that collapse, deep water (marbles cannot swim), magnets, lasers, crates, and a variety of items to collect and use. Some levels test the player's speed, for example requiring him or her to open a gate, touch an Oxyd stone inside, and escape before the gate locks again. Other levels test mental mettle and might require the player to position a number of crates on several switches. There is, however, something for everyone. With over 1,000 levels and more being created by the active community, there is no end to the challenge of Enigma.

Published by Ayhoe

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