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Text Tricks & And More!

TriX is an award-winning free productivity tool for windows OS based computers which does many simple tasks in a click:

Text formatting (upper case, lower case, sentence case…), web search (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube…), data exporting (Notepad, MS-Word, MS-Excel…), data extraction (emails, links…) and much more.

Despite the fact that this powerful tool has many useful features, it is a lightweight file, ~700KB, and doesn’t require installation, which means that it can be used locally and even on portable devices. Another great advantage is that TriX does not mess with the registry at all which guarantees peace of mind for those who decide to start using it.

To download your free copy of TriX, please read the end-user license agreement and then go to the download page.

TriX is neither malware nor spyware and tested in some of the most popular downloads websites:

100% clean - Softpedia

100% clean - GearDownload
100% clean - Softepic

Fiber Download



See more awards and clean certifications here (IE6+ only).

TriX is also totally free for both business and personal use, but if you find it useful and enjoy using it, please consider a donation to support the continuity of TriX development and my studies . Your feedbacks are welcome as well, use the "Contact Me" form to write me what you think about TriX.

Thanks in advance!

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