April Has helpful CDs

Heart to Heart:
Enhancing the Human / Animal Connection

This CD was created in response to requests for the guided creation of the energy symbol for linking people and their animal companions. The response to the CD has been overwhelmingly positive from those who have used the CD.

This guided visualization teaches you how to create and energize a symbol, consciously uniting the energy of people and animals. Once created and energized with unconditional love, this symbol can be used in many ways to further enhance your relationship with the animal kingdom.

This CD features flutist Leo Rogers.

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Animal Vision:
Experiencing Life Through Animal Energy

This guided visualization teaches you how to expand your awareness of the animal kingdom. By inviting an animal spirit into you meditation, you can allow your five senses and your intuitive sense to experience life as an animal creature senses it. You can perform this exercise over and over, allowing a different animal to appear each time.

At the beginning of this CD, there is a discussion on animal communication featuring April Frost, George Bibens and Leo Rogers. We hope that it triggers the memory of your own experiences with the animal kingdom. We are honored to share with you and the animals that grace and bless your lives these lessons and gifts from the animal kingdom.


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