Francisco Franco - defender of Catholic Spain

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Uploaded by on Nov 20, 2010

Tribute to the defender of Catholic Spain on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of his death.

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Uploader Comments (ReakcjonistaTV)

  • Ohhh, finally Queen Katherine with Gelu destroyed Armageddon's Blade and Lucyfer Kreegan lost.

    I like Gothic II - strong (in theory...) monarchy, free market (I didn't see any taxes! :D), monks, paladines - I think it's a dream of all conservatives, libertarians, etc.

  • Heroes III has a great soundtrack and - in my opinion - it's a game for every conservative. Kings, honour, knights, legends - beautiful! :D

    Greetings. ;)

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  • Fransico Franco defended Catholic Spain againist those fucking communists and atheists im proud of Franco and of my Spainish heritage Long live Spain and Death to Atheists 

  • I'm Catholic too. Great leaders are Catholic.

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  • no confundir patriotismo y catolicismo con atraso y dictadura, señores...

  • Viva la Espana Catolica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What a bunch of loonies in here together.

  • @JosephStalin11 Long Live National Socialism

  • @SpainishNationalism Right On Brother,, Viva Espana...

  • If Spain went communist would France followed, it had a leftist government at the time Thank God Spain had a strong leader VIVA FRANCO!!!!! VIVA ESPANA!!!!

  • @macedonian19999 Sat 29 Oct, 12:00 Kickstart saloon Topeka, Ks. Come get some! Look for Che Gueverra with a red slash across him. No need to look just show.

  • a good catholic is the dead one..however you dont mind having a bitch orthodox queen like Sofia the sister of the Consantine the Scum....aye you fasist scums..war has not finished yet...we will find you and kill ya!!!

  • Long Live Catholicism!

  • @TheSpaniard1521 Of course there is no god. You "Imaginary friend-having" fool.

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