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ASDA Looks For Sweet Success With New Whatevers

With words like bothered, mint and minger becoming part of British culture ASDA today (27 April 2006) announced it would be selling its own variety of old favourites ‘Lovehearts’ albeit with a more contemporary slant.

Gone are the ‘sweet nothings’ that normally appear, being replaced with expressions you would expect to hear in every playground across the UK including:

Minger, chav, proper, bothered, in it, you what, whatever, mint, respect and as if.

The new, culturally correct, sweets will be called Whatevers, sell for just 24p and will be available nationwide in ASDA’s 302 stores from today (27 April 2006).

“We thought it was time to up date this old favourite. With sayings from characters in shows such as Little Britain and the Catherine Tate Show providing us with more and more contemporary slang we thought we needed some sweets to reflect this. We think we deserve some ‘proper’, ‘respect’ as a result, these sweets are ‘mint’” said, James Davies, ASDA’s sweet buyer.

ASDA will be updating the sweets on a regular basis so any customer with suggestions to modern day expressions that are missing should contact their local store or ASDA’s customer services department on tel: 0500 100 055.

 The word chav made it into the Oxford English Dictionary on 10 August 2005.


For further information: ASDA Press Office, tel: 0113 241 7829

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