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Message to the Founding Fathers of the OAU at their First Conference at Addis Ababa 1st May 1963 - Alhaji A E Cham-Joof
Thursday 29th June 2006

It gives me the greatest pleasure and pride to address this simple message to you, August participants in the Addis Ababa Conference at the threshold of it all. It is barely 75 years when the European Powers sat round the table in Germany each holding a dagger to crave up Africa for its own benefit.

Also 15 years have just passed since the continental struggle for political emancipation started in the colonial empire. The beginning of the second phase of this struggle in Africa was born 7 years ago when the self-same European Powers, frightened by this mass struggle for political emancipation and economic stability, went to Rome for spiritual shelter for their undertaking and signed the treaty of Rome with determination to resist more strongly and effectively the hurricane of Africa Nationalism through economic struggle and manipulated under the cloak of common market. This through former friendly and helpful Africa would ensure the flow of supply of raw materials from Africa and bring in its wake a new domination of Africa through neo-colonialism whereby Europe would give less by the left hand and take away more by the right hand.

The knock-out of Britain by France from the common market however have been followed closely by the meeting of chief suppliers of raw materials – the leaders of free Africa in Conference at Addis Ababa. This should therefore be an incentive for greater unity of purpose and concerted actions at Addis Ababa.

The whole therefore looks for the salvation of the oppressed, the exploited and suppressed from Addis Ababa and so do the dependent countries of Africa.

Your success will inspire and speed up the freedom and total independence of the African continent and eradicate imperialism and colonialism from the continent and eventually neo-colonialism from the globe.

In the name of God, come to Addis Ababa as leaders of African states and not as friends of the east of the west.

Your failure, which no true African in Africa is praying for, will prolong our struggle with bitterness and disappointment. I therefore adjure that you ignore any suggestion outside Africa and holding that the present civilization, which some of the big powered are boasting of, sprang up from Africa, and realising that the entire world has something earthly to learn from Africa, you would endeavour your utmost to come to agreement, save Africa from the clutches of neo-colonialism and resurrect African dignity, manhood and national stability.

O Ethiopia; the fulfilment of Africa’s aspiration, in thy hall of hope at Addis Ababa humanity meets to restore respect for the Black Race. Addis Ababa, the scene of International Congresses, here once again sons of Africa are meeting in they clouds to dissolve once and for all the artificial barriers of hate, fear and greed brought us by the exploiters. I hope every son of Africa in the end would leave Addis Ababa with the conviction that he has achieved things concrete to be handed to generations yet unborn.

I will now suggest that at Addis Ababa the creation of a continental planning committee consisting of 2 members from each independent African state with headquarters in Central Africa, be actively considered and implemented. Such a body would be charged with the following:


a) The formation of a West African Air Company

b) The formation of a North African Air Company

c) The formation of an East/Central Africa Air Company with a view to operating a Pan African Airway (service) in due course


 The formation of a central bank with to having a unified currency, a common market and free boarder trade, neighbours with neighbours.

In this era of positiveness compound and complex resolutions have no honoured place before the mighty force of neo-colonialism and their inclinations. The world therefore looks to Addis Ababa for positive action I here plead. May the love of Africa bring then your outlook and breed unity of purpose in you all so that the brotherly feeling which inspired you to gather together penetrate and perpetuate in our heart things to formulate and implement solutions that would yield dividends for Africa.

With fraternal greetings and best wishes for the success of the Addis Ababa Conference.



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