Public Works Department

The Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services that improve the quality of community life in Modesto including: curbs, gutters and sidewalks, low cost water, wastewater storm drain and sewer maintenance; airport, public transit, and streets maintenance.

The mission of the Public Works Department is to design, construct, operate and maintain public infrastructure efficiently and effectively in order to protect public safety and enhance the quality of community life. The Department accomplishes these goals through the work of three groups.


Transportation focuses on moving people. The transportation group provides the residents of Modesto greater freedom, access and opportunity through the Modesto City-County Airport, Public Transit Systems, Streets, and Fleet Services.


The City of Modesto domestic water system provides safe and dependable water to Modesto and communities in the surrounding region including Waterford, Hickman, Del Rio, Salida, Empire, Grayson, and small portions of Ceres and Turlock. Since 1995, the Modesto Regional Water Treatment Plant (MRWTP) has provided treated surface water to the City of Modesto water system. Remaining water needs are met with well water.


Responsible for maintaining the City’s sewer system, including the treatment process, the collection of wastewater and storm drain run off, and assuring safe discharge of treated water returning to the San Joaquin River. Also includes Environmental Services which is responsible for investigating environmental issues to guarantee the safety of the City’s storm drain, wastewater and sanitary collection systems.

Department Head

Dennis Turner, Public Works Director
Dennis Turner
Director of Public Works


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