August 26, 2008 Link Payday

Welcome to your belated Link Payday for August 26, 2008. As the last days of summer unfold around us, let’s take a look at the best posts from the personal finance blogosphere of the last couple of weeks:

Frugal Dad weighs material possessions versus simplicity and finds that simplicity wins in his post entitled How to Live More Simply, and Why it is so Important. I constantly consider ways to simplify my complicated life as time goes on.

The Frugal Duchess discusses a necessity (water) and its extravagant sibling (bottled water) as she comes up with Thrifty Alternatives to Bottled Water: A National Campaign. Yes, bottled water is handy, but it’s expensive, and all that plastic can’t be great for the environment!

JLP over at All Financial Matters has a great point on the quality of things we buy when he says Warranties are Nice but What I’d Really Like is a QUALITY PRODUCT! Yes, it was nice for me to get a big credit on my Die Hard battery, but it would have been nicer if it hadn’t died when it die.

This is something I do, but JB over at Get Rich or Die Trying won’t do (anymore): Paying Bills with a Credit Card. I actually do this as much as I can, but I certainly can see some of JB’s points.

Finally, Mrs. Micah looks back at her time growing up and lays it on the line when she discusses What My Parents Did and Didn’t Teach Me About Credit and Money Management. I think her parents did pretty decently, better than mine did!

And that’s your Link Payday for August 26, 2008!

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