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ZTecNet Christmas 2010 Giveaway

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 1:39 am
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ZTecNet Christmas 2010 Giveaway

This year ZTecNet is going to be doing a giveaway on Christmas day! This is a small giveaway, but still way cool! Check it out.

The giveaway will be on Christmas day at an unrevealed time. You’ll see why we don’t announce the time in a second. This year, we’re giving away (gifting) iPhone and iPod touch apps. We’re going to vote on the prize amounts and the number of prizes. (see poll below)

You’ll have four choices regarding the prize amounts and how many people can win. (See poll below)
With the different prize amounts you can have any iPhone or iPod touch app(s) gifted to your email address that total the prize amount. So, if the $10 prize is chosen (in the poll) and you win, you can have two $5 apps or one $10 app gifted to you, etc..

Here’s the rules to enter:

1) Follow @ZTecWiz and @ZTecNet on twitter.

2) Have voice (+) or higher in #ZTecNet on irc.ztecnet.net.

3) Be on ZTecNet on Christmas night.

Here’s how it’s gonna work..

We’re going to execute a nickname randomizer command to pick a random nickname on #ZTecNet. This will be done on the live stream so those calling out “it’s rigged” can eat dirt.

In order to be eligable to win, you MUST:

-NOT have ANY clones in #ZTecNet. If you’re caught with clones when with pick your name, you’ll be disqualified. We’ll announce when the giveaway will begin so you’ll have time to remove your clones. ZTecNet’s staff reserve the right to disqualify you if you’re believed to have clones on the channel;

-NOT be banned from the ZTecNet IRC network.

-NOT have any automated scripts to respond to highlights. You have to be in #ZTecNet actively when your name is called, and respond accordingly;

-HAVE followed the rules above, followed the appropriate twitter accounts, etc;

-HAVE voice (+) or higher in #ZTecNet (auto-voice, or V flag);

-Respond when your name is called as winner within 30 seconds. If you do not answer, we’ll pick again.

If you match any of the following criteria, you are not eligable to win:

-You are a bot on ZTecNet;

-You are not ON ZTecNet or do not know what ZTecNet is;

-You are using Windows 95 or 98;

-Your name is Ryan Hamel;

-You do not have a Twitter account;

-Your name is Keith Latteri;

-You do not know when Christmas is;

-You wont be on ZTecNet on Christmas day;

-You do not have a computer (?????);

-You won’t have internet on Christmas day;

-You’re reading this on or after December 26th, 2010 (you fail…).

Got any more ideas? Let us know!

One more thing.. For this giveaway, we’re suspending the prize for the Gears OnDeck giveaway from December to January. Your earned points will carry over to January. No prize will be given for this month.

Here’s that poll I was talking about:

Good luck!


9:15pm: Giveaway will be at 10:01pm EST!

10:20pm: Ryan Becker won the giveaway! Congrats!

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