Cryptoxchange trade national currencies in and out of Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies
Blocks Mined 181.00
Time Between Blocks 7.96 (minutes)
Bitcoins Mined 9,050.00 BTC
Total Transaction Fees 4.52 BTC
No. of Transactions 6489
Total Output Volume 1,710,514.94 BTC
Estimated Transaction Volume 1,095,542.67 BTC
Estimated Transaction Volume (USD) 3,333,176.28 USD
Market summary
Total Market Cap $23.68 million
Market price $3.04 USD (weighted)
Trade Volume $219,660.70 USD
Trade Volume 72,026.69 BTC
Mining costs
Total miners revenue $27,546.71
% earned from transaction fees 0.04 %
% of transaction volume 0.83 %
cost per transaction $4.25
Hash Rate and Electricity consumption
Difficulty 1,090,715.68
Hash Rate 9,813.78 GH/s
Electricity Consumption * 153.09 megawatt hours
Electricity Cost $22,964.24
Mining profits
Operating profit $4,582.47
Operating Margin 16.64%
Profit Margin ** -32.27%

All statistics are for the previous 24 hour period, unless otherwise stated

* Electricity consumption is guesstimated based on power consumption of 650 Watts per gigahash and electricity price of 15 cent per kilowatt hour. In reality some miners will be more or less efficient.

** For profit margin hardware costs are guesstimated to be $1000 per gigahash every 2 years, and bandwidth $1 per gigahash per year.