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Common Sense

Price per Unit (piece): $21.60 (including 8.25 % tax)

    Common sense is the basic form of thinking people use in going through the maze of life. It is the offspring of an individual’s or a people’s preparation for, performance of, and interpretations given to daily activities and to life experiences. This means there are as many forms of common sense as there are rungs on a metaphorical ladder extending from the earth world to the heavens. Some forms of common sense are good; some are bad; and some are indifferent. Regardless of type, the reason common sense is formed and applied to activities of daily living is for the purpose of an individual or a people to get what they want out of life and not get what they do not want.

     The best form of common sense for a people can be found inside African Tradition while the best form for an individual is called “Mother Wit”. In both instances, the thoughts, feelings, expressions, and behaviors springing out from them have the greatest chance to do the greatest good, for the greatest number of people, over the greatest period of time.

       The term “Mother Wit” is short for the Mother Wisdom of African Tradition. Those rare individuals whose life demonstrates they have earned this title are qualified to show us the way out of poverty, whether of a mental, economic, social, or spiritual nature. This book focuses on explaining African Tradition and how to teach “Mother Wit” to Black youth by means of stories, games, mathematics, and art.


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