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I am a Special Somebody

Price per Unit (piece): $21.60 (including 8.25 % tax)


I am Special Somebody” is for anyone having strayed away from his/her destination in life and yet still possesses the intense desire to get back on the path. Specifically, it is directed to youth so unaware of their own worth and value as to feel as if they are a “Nobody.”

To declare oneself a “Nobody” implies one has no idea about one’s talents, has lost contact with one’s earlier known secret dream, and is lacking a purpose in life. For such youth this book provides approaches, techniques, methods and numerous self-evaluation topics for consideration.

The approaches are aimed at rediscovering one’s secret dream, discovering one’s talents, recognizing one’s worth and value, and outlining stepping stones headed toward one’s desired destination. The methods and techniques have been gathered from the author’s experiences and from observations of those who made the best use of their lives.

For parents, mentors, teachers, and others not personally involved in ambitious strivings, the information contained herein remains useful for discussions on how to live well and how to overcome losses, lacks, and obstructions.




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